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Whenever i play d3 and face huge mobs i always freeze for a little sometimes longer. I turned off vertical sync and use default settings and the hardware i sued it more than reccommended. In sc2 its fine most of the time but little lag on big battles.

Processor intel (r) core (tm) i7-2600k CPU @ 3.40 GHz
Installed memory (RAM) 8.00 GB (3.23 GB usuable)
system type 32 bit operating system (windows 7 home)
video card is the radeon 6900 hd series
motherboard is a ASUS sabertooth p67

This cpu is a year old but when i bought it last year at best buy it was top of the line. Spent
a little over 2g on it

Any suggestions?? running defrag have enough hard drive
Also I heard that windows 7 home edition only allows 8 gigs of ram. Should i upgrade to windows 8 pro ?? does windows 8 pro allow more ram use??? does the 8 gig count as ram with video card memory together?
Your hardware is fine and more than enough to run SC2 on max.

You should be using 64-bit Windows since you have 8GB RAM. If you are not, you need to do a complete reinstall.

Anything 32-bit has a max limit of 4GB combined i.e. system and video card. For 64-bit, Windows 7 Home has a max of 16GB, Win 7 Pro and above have a mind-blowing limit of 192GB.

Personally, I wouldn't go anywhere near Windows 8. The new UI will drive you nuts.

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