Auction House doesn't return gold

Bug Report
I bade about 5.7 million gold for a ring. The bid won, I got the ring, but the final price was just 628895. The remaining 5 millions didn't play. Now I want to return them, but I can't! Auction House says that it's impossible. It shows a red exclamation point by the operation info which says that funds cannot be returned and item's ID is not found (317419). Operation number is 901254527.
Could you please help me with it?
I play in european region and I would like to create a ticket, but the system doesn't allow me to do this and directs me here to report a bug.
The ticket system is going through some renovations right now, and has some issues. However, you should be able to create a ticket if you select from the pre-determined topics. Try "I have an issue with a purchase or payment." and "My purchase or payment issue is not listed here."

If that doesn't work, try the technical support forum.

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