Advice in what to spend (close to 1 bill)

Demon Hunter
Well I haven't really farm at all , I was just flipping item in the AH.
Now I actually want to spend some money in my dh.
witch its extremely weak right now( so please don't make fun haha)
Now I have 400 mill in gold , and 230 cash.( I got lucky I guess)
So can u please tell me what items I should aim for?
What its affordable with the amount of gold I have?
Start by changing your armors start with your amy then your suit then look for Witching hour in AH it will boost your dps dramatically. make your weapon least priority as you have low budget.
Thanks I'll give it some thought
anything else?plz
In Order:

Nats Armour
Nats Boots
Innas Pants
Dead Mans Leg Quiver
1 soc 1200+dps Manticore (socket with highest emerald u can, 90% will be efficent and keep costs down) These are cheap as on AH right now
Witching Hour
Nats Ring
Crit chance + crit damage ammy
Attack Speed + Crit Chance ring
Mempo of Twilight helm (optional) take if u need the resists


Buy the dex shoulders + bracers + gloves plans for crafting

Craft new gloves first
then bracers
Then shoulders

The above should allow u to farm lots of demonic essance for the above crafts when u get to that stage.

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