damage decreases when taking second weapon

Bug Report
Character: Monk 41 lvl
The total damage with one one-handed weapon is 1739.04. When adding the second one-handed weapon to the second hand the damage drops to 1689.89, while all the stats (dexterity percent and critical hit damage) on the details page grow.
I.e. two one-handed weapons give less damage than just one of them.
are the two weapons identical?
no, the weapons are not identical
first is fist weapon "mortal knock" the second is legendary mace "Nutcracker"
I don't think this is a bug. It has to do with the way duel wielding works.

It has to do with the DPS of each and the speed of the weapons. When you duel wield the game calculates your damage would do if you actually hit with one weapon than the other. I remember reading a long time ago that if the DPS of the two weapons is too far apart you can actually end up with less DPS than with just 1 of those weapons. Exactly as you describe.

Its probably better to ask for details on the monk or warrior forums since those are the two classes that duel wield.

EDIT: this thread looks like it has good information about it.

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