SnB Q&A Part 2

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Anyone tried using spears to bring up raw dps (or maces), which hit much harder? Make any difference in pvp?
Mainhand mace + offhand 300th Spear could be good for a throw build.
yes, Det0x uses an Echoing Fury MH and Three Hundreth Spear off hand and it is very effective. I would say he is the Best barb I have faced in PVP hands down.
Did you win?
01/19/2013 09:55 AMPosted by sfxer
Mainhand mace + offhand 300th Spear could be good for a throw build.

Confirmed. The damage I would get from that set up is massive. Horngyuh can confirm. The real key though is being able to mitigate enough damage that you can stay alive long enough hit the 30 second cooldown of Ignore Pain.
I only have 235m gold atm and im really unsure what i should upgrade next but i was thinking maybe a mempo with 250+str and 60+ vit would be my best upgrade. What do you guys think would you do that or something else?
01/19/2013 10:12 AMPosted by sfxer
Did you win?

against Det0x....heck no. His throw barb killed me easily... there is just no way around that fear proc. I could not get close to him. Unless I use WOTB but I hate that for pvp because of the cooldown.
found a Mempo with 245str, 95 vit, 8%AS, and 11% life paid 170m hope i didnt over pay.
Been wondering lately how I can improve my current gear in my profile. I know I need a better SS, but thats probably for long term goal. I usually do extremely well on mp7/8 ubers except for SB/Kullie. I just can't keep my health up against SB... I usually group with a WW Barb, DH, and Monk.
xxxkan, im not an expert but if i was you one of the best upgrades it looks like you can get for yourself would be a 1200+ dps wep with CD and a socket maybe AS also.
I was thinking about WH, but I would lose the IK bonus + Lifesteal meaning I gotta use bloodthirst. Was also considering getting rare pants instead of using BT.

But thanks for the advice i will keep that in mind when shopping :D
when i swapped out my ik belt for witching hour i couldnt afford a good one with AR so i lost the 2 set piece bonus of 60 AR and the 73AR from my IK belt. So i ended up buying IK gloves with AR to make up for it. IK gloves with AR are not cheap but it was worth it because my WH was a 22.5k DPS boost over my IK belt.
Ya... I only use SnB for Ubers, so I am probably not gonna spend that much money on the set although IK gloves + WH will help with both WW and SnB.
I find it funny that low fear % Echo's are boss for PVE, and high % fear Echo's will probably be amazing for PVP due to the extra fear CC. Echo prices gonna be on the way up across the board.

100k DPS and 1.5 mil EHP! Thanks again for the shoulders Nike, they actually put me at almost 1.7 mil EHP! Now to get myself to 150k and 2 mil EHP... The quest continues!
Congrats, Bruce! Nice looking Barb!
3 days why still cant copy?
Raygorn ill give you my pants and 100m for yer pants.
01/19/2013 09:28 AMPosted by Bruce
Anyone tried using spears to bring up raw dps (or maces), which hit much harder? Make any difference in pvp?

Yeah I just got one, along with an IK 5 set. Hits the same as my sword without weapons master, which i feel is going to be the best route for pvp, since it is about big hits and laying down big rends. Spears are the cheapest as well, so I think the spear might be the best option.

I think this may be the best set up you can get for pvp. I will have the SOJ -5 Wep throw on though, instead of muy hellfire.

What do you all think?

I got some nice rare bracers with high strength/vit/ar/6 cc as well, may use those instead of my lacunis as well.

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