How much is the barb above you worth (v2)

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@death ... a lot, billions
@FriendlyFade 1 - 1.5b?
01/23/2013 01:52 AMPosted by yuench
i@Razor - the purpose of this thread is to price gears of the person above you, but NOT picking up a random pricing issue that interests you

@yuench, i perfectly understand... i just couldn't help myself players jacking up prices that most of us know its real value.

apologies, didn't price your gears since i did it already in the previous page
@RazorX 1.5bil-2bil

@nevernguyen like 40m?
@mattyice, 500m?
Great rings and stacked life-on-hit gear.

Now your wizard is a completely different story. Wow... 6-8 Billion easy.
@Castablanca: 4-5 bil?

4 bil maybe? that mempo alone is worth a ton, and those gloves are straight up sexy

All you need is some avg damage on the jewelry to be nearly "perfect"

Id say like 250 million at least
Im all about making the ik switch to. Witching hour for my damage but up to u and ur wallet
500-700m maybe?

Daknown Smexy pieces u got there 600m range?
I might be all wrong, I usually dont play AH
I might be all wrong, I usually dont play AH

cant see

@Phaminez 10bil@@@
@Pyscedelico, 500mil.

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