How much is the barb above you worth (v2)

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600M. Nothing other than your chest and boots stands out as especially valuable.

1.8 bill I would guess.
Chance to value Wayneold!!


Almost skipped Horngyuh80:

About 3B as well. That's a lot of EHP for DW.

Since Jho didn't get a value

I would say 1.6B

BTW let me know how far off I am.

Around 1.5-2B
@EMchamp i would say around 200mill to 400
@Lubu 400-500M

around 80 mil?
250-300mish ?
@dexxon 300-600?
@ zanyactin Oh this is a hard one hmmmmm... 200m - 400m ?
@urbanspcmn id say 2-3bil easy

Be gentle =)

250m - 300m mostly from the skorn.
@zgfunkz 1b @1.5b

nice one
@oldschool hmm dont even know like 1-3 bill ?? sick gear
@bob hmm 1.5b?
EDIT - @ Sevin 1B-1.1B, Nice IK Chest.

Someone else want to try and tell my worth?
as Zanyaction I guess doesn't know prices.

01/06/2013 08:28 AMPosted by zanyactin
@dexxon 300-600?

My chest alone is worth 800-1b
@ dexxon

Chest is not worth 800m-1b

I would estimate around 3bil. Awesome barb
@JuzamDjinn 9/10 nice setup
@ epheisos. I'd say about 350m ish hahah... Dig the skorn though

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