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Wouldn't it be cool if the ah sold tokens that preserved the value of commodities for a certain amount of time. For instance, in the gem market, they could create gem tokens that model put and call options.

A cloud gem token could be a call option; where the option allows you to buy gems at a certain price for the duration of the call. If a gem was trading at a low price, one could buy a call option for it and have the right to buy the gem at that price for say a week; then when the gem price went up one could convert the gem into an actual gem for the cost of the gem when the token was purchased and sell it through the ah.

The shadow gem token could be a put option; where the option allows you to sell the gem at a certain price, but with hopes that the price would go down on the ah. When buying the put shadow gem token, it would inspire traders to look for cheap deal thoughout the levels of gems and craft the gem for cheaper. The put shadow gem token will be somewhat different than the call cloud gem token, because it should allow the trader to craft the gem at a definite value; once crafted and converted the trader should be allowed to sell the gem to in game vendors for that definite value. Again the duration this token should last would be like a week.

The gem tokens should have a reduced cost to buy; and the cost should scale based on the current value of the gem the token represents on the ah. Maybe the cost of the tokens could be as follows:
Chipped - Flawless: Current AH Price/10
Perfect - Radiant: Current AH Price / 20
Square - Flawless Square: Current AH Price / 30
Perfect Square - Star : Current AH Price / 100
Flawless Star - Perfect Star: Current AH Price / 1000
Radiant Star: Current AH Price / 10000

or something like that...

A spread would be generated by current AH prices which would affect the prices of the call and put tokens. Traders will have to monitor the market to make sure they are profitting above the spread costs.

This would stimulate AH volatility and force commodity prices to rise. When prices grow too high people will stop buying and flipping the commodities, and just farm them for high profit/time to farm; this will tend to push the prices down to a point where traders will begin to buy them again.
why would it... as it is right now the economy is very stagnate and dependant on Blizzard policy pushes... with options in place the economy would continue to regulate itself and inspire people to play the game.
concerning the whole investment vehicle thing... I have no idea why anyone would want to use the ah to sell something that is not for profit...
wtf is this bs?
Blizzard should have quantitive easing. That would help the d3 economy. They could give all the "too big to fail" gold farmers hundreds of billions in gold, which could be sold for real money. Blizzard gets 15% in taxes to help fix their deficit spending, gold farmers spur the growth of the economy buy selling cheap gold. Its a win, win situation.

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