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I'd like to have a focused player to do quick A3 runs with, preferably not a WD or Barb. Here's what I propose:

Any gear on these runs that are for Barb or WD, you flick my way - and I do the same for the chosen classes for you. Legendaries, Rares, the lot. Even if I might be able to sell them for millions, they go to you. All I ask is the same in return, and have some fun levelling paragon at the same time.

Add me in game, I'm usually on most nights from 5pm NZ for a couple hours. Will be on a bit more over the coming weeks as I've got a break from work
Add me mate, im iin Auckland. Troubleshooot#6790
sweet man, looks good. Your mantra plus my shout we should be able to murder out there, I've just been doing speed runs for paragon levelling, does that suit you?
You can add me too if you want a CM wizard in the mix for holding those naughty bosses down! ^^
hey we gotta play again! :P

it's been a long time too
Sweet guys, sounds like we've got a party :D

@ Weegee: Yeah man for sure - slowly been progressing my way through, gutted to hear about the break in as well man, I sincerely hope you're doing well
Awesome, Yea I've played with Tifa too so can vouch for him :)

Yea the break in was pretty balls! lost quite a bit. On the upside, I popped the question to my gf and she said yes!!

I'll have to play as much as I can before I'm put on lockdown lol.
Well that most certainly is an upside :) Best of luck from here on out then!

My fiance doesn't mind me playing video games actually, as long as I am productive when I'm not :) Infact sometimes she actually tells me to go and relax if I've not been on for a few days.

I'll be on tonight, so I'll add you other guys, and might see you on later!
Me me

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