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Demon Hunter
So I've been out for a while and recently re-geared my DH. While trying to run the various builds, i kept finding myself starved for disc with constant vaulting. So Question is, Right now I'm running this build which is what i ran for gold farming in the old days.


I'm finding that at my current damage output, this plows through MP0 with almost constantly full hatred or disc (one is always filled, by the other), however, I'm having trouble finding a good attack to take down elites quickly that is not too hatred intensive, I'm currently at a perfectly balanced point for constant regeneration.

I'm using whithering fire, but it actually isn't killing as fast as I would expect. Is there a better choice for taking down elites? would Bola be better? or spike traps? or trying to pick up some armor for -5 chakram and running that?
If your goal is to keep full hatred/disc, you doing OK. But I can't see the point why you need it. It is like having $50k in pocket and riding bicycle instead of buying a car.

Resources there for to be used, so take better skills and do proper damage, for example Cluster Arrow/Loaded for Bear.
Try out Fan of knives - hail of knives rune. Just save it for elites it has a 320% dmg 20yard AOE. its pretty awesome to see it crit as it takes a huge chunk of elite health out, given that u position ur self properly. When i was still para-leveling, i used it quite a bit coz i find it pretty efficient. with a 20 hatred cost and 10 sec cool down, its not too shabby especially on MP0 alkhaizer runs.
I'd change archery for vengeance.

I use spike traps or cluster bombs (situational depending on the type of elite)

I like vengeance better than nightstalker for low mp.

But chakram does ok damage. I do not think you would need armor for it I used it plain.

Spike trap echoing fury is probably your best damage.

Multishot I find does well against elites if you jack the crit chance up. (if it doesn't crit it sucks)

Bola imminent doom does good damage, but you have to pay attention in low mp or you will waste a lot of shots.

Impale is something else to try. Chemical burn is pretty good on low mp.
If resources are your concern why don't you take the 'vengeance' passive?

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