Did i get lucky calamity?

Demon Hunter
just found this calamity

1260 dps
141 dex
10% attackspeed
98% crit damage
hatred regen 1.28
31% marked for death

i have no idea since the one on the ah similar range from 35-60m and i dont even know if its worth that much!
35 - 60M...? Did you even look at the AH? There are Calamities with the same dps and similar dex or dexvit rolls for under 15M. There are 1230 - 1250 dps ones for under 6M, with 0 bids on it.
If it doesn't have socket I don't think that it's worth much.
I found a:

1185 dps
100 CD
49% damage
1.23 regen
10 ats
608 LOH
24% marked for death

I sold it for 18.5 mil after a couple days and dropping the price down etc to find where someone would buy. No socket = not worth nearly as much :( picked up the one I have now (1067 dps 100 CD and OS) and it cost a bit more than the one I sold above.
Sorry my man you just missed 100+ mil payout because of no socket :(
id say 15m-20m coz i sold a 1290dps calamity with 97cd no socket and no dex for 15m.. btw mine also had 47% mark of death.. if only it had a socket..

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