Unable to start Diablo III

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Laucher report that game is up to date and after push "play" button the launcher closed itself, image of diablo come out on the screen and than it stay there.
Process monitor report that the application is not respondig.
Tried to restart it several times, even after a reboot and from command line with "--args -launch but with no luck.
My mac is a macbookpro core i7 2.66, 8gb ram, osx 10.8.2 (last update applied).
thanks for your help.
Try deleting the Diablo III.mfil file in your Diablo 3 installation folder and seeing if that helps.

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Same problem came up for me. After a while it came up. But I've been having some lag issues. The game just froze up for me
I found the solution. It may help you too. Look here


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