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I have a CM wiz that can pretty much permafreeze the ubers (3.02 breakpoint reached).

I have done a few runs, and am still learning (ghom/Raka & siege/Khulle are easy) but still need to work on tactics for Maghda/Skeleton King (keep getting caught in arcane).

Anyhoo, add me if you want some help running ubers, I will go in with the IM's if you are short (max one per run).

Also have a barb that can help out if needed, he doesn't die :)


A few tips for Maghda/Skeleton King if you run with a decent tank to keep maghda busy don't chase the king around let him teleport back to you if all but the tank are in the same location thats a 3/4 chance he will port back to your group away from the tank on his next teleport.

If your running with barbs of my gearing or better then just keep semi perma frozen both of them as close as possible to each other and the ww barb will do his thing.

Try to keep them out of corners open ground makes for easier maneuvering.

If someone dies run everyone to opposite side of the level and let 1 run back to res unless their really noob and just dragging your team down in which case just ignore them :P (also drop any summoned skeleton archers that will prevent the res)

If there is a lot of arcane simply shift around the center section and basically rotate around the level but keep out of corners as mentioned before.

Those are the main things i have observed also if using a barb leap is really effective as you can jump over the middle section allowing some time for cool downs etc. teleport would be a similar method of rotating around the map quickly and avoiding those arcanes.

oh and the homing things she shoots lure into your more tanky classes eg. barb or monk or as i like to call it (operation human shield)
Playing Magda/Skeleton Key as as a PF CM Wizard, just make sure you have DPS allies, and take Magda on yourself, lock her down so your allies can focus on the skeleton king.

You should have enough LS or LoH to survive being swiped by at least 2 Arcane lasers if you are spun up.

The only times you really have to move is when Magda drops and arcane right on top of you, the skeleton king shows up and is going to do his Frankenstein walk attack which can't be frozen or Magda shields / teleports away.

Give me 2 Demon Hunters and we don't need a 4th on MP8, just so long as they can kill crap!
yea I only done mp 7 but we have wizard lock witch while me and my friends witch doctor lays waste to king but my monk can tank the witch to again mp 7 I need alittle more dps for 8

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