Re-gear experiment: COMPLETE, thanks scrapz!

The rebuild is complete, it was a long 2 weeks.
The best I did was 67k dps and 453k EHP ( you can see the details below ).
My best cost me 17m!
I have a lot to learn, scrapz built it at 76k dps and 476k EHP for 12m!!!!
He wouldn't keep the change (5m) take the legendary I had or any of my gems.
He is a true gentleman! The best I can do is give him a shout out here!

p.s. he gave me the off hand ring as a gift on top of that.
Profile updated with gear and accurate DPS. I had to logout a couple times, it kept showing up with buffed DPS.

Made a vid, that will take a bit to compile and upload...


Here is my old monk:
  • 81k DPS (unbuffed)
  • 38.5 CHC
  • 381 CHD
  • 266k EHP
  • 4.7k Armor (w/o StI)
  • 27.5k HP
  • virtually no life sustain

Tired of that I put all my gear on the AH plus some gold I had saved up. With only a few items left, I'm up to 14m gold.
Before I go ahead and screw myself on the AH, I built one via d3up.

Here is round 1 of my regearing experiment:
  • 55k DPS (unbuffed)
  • 44.5 CHC
  • 328 CHD
  • 383.7k EHP
  • 4.5k Armor (w/StI)
  • 37.4k HP
  • 912 LoH
  • 2.8 LS

All buffed I lost 13k DPS from my original monk and gained 117.6k EHP

I spent ~1m on every item and ~2m per weapon. NOTE: I kept my old amulet (so no cost to me there).
One my goals was to rid myself of OwE. That opened me up to combination strike as a passive. Without OwE my resists are 612. Of all the gear, the hardest to select was belt and rings. I read Piffle's guide but still had a hard time making a decision on those items.

Now that I did this I want to re-read through the guide to see what I can further learn and do it again. I also want to double stack resits to see if I can get more dex out of the equation.

All that being said, I could never successfully run anything past MP2, IF I DID ACTUALLY BUY THE MONK ABOVE, would I be safe in MP5 or even higher?
Buffed it would be 94k DPS, is LS still worth it or just get another +900 LoH weapon?
Am I on the right track or do you think I could have done much better with 14m?

Feedback welcome, THANKS!!!!!

p.s. Vrk, I just saw your DPS post, WOW ;)
p.s.s. Ultimately I'm going to try to get scrapz to pimp me out anyway, hehe =p
p.s.s.s. YES, it was somewhat annoying manually entering the items into d3up, however, enlightening...
p.s.s.s.s. It has been annoying not playing my monk for the past 10 days or so, wonder what 14m would do for a barb ;)
I suck... :)

From Piffle's guide:
Recent set, as of 11/30/2012:
I thought this would be an interesting exercise to see how prices have dropped since I originally wrote this guide.

Price: 15,446,177
DPS: 97,985
Armor: 5210
Resist: 641
Health: 35,486
EH (StI, OwE): 408,321
MS: 24%
LS: 2.5%

I knew the above was in his guide but wanted to block it out to see what I could do on my own, hehe.
OK, On attempt #2 I took a very different gearing approach. Came out with somewhat similar results:

  • 59.5k DPS (unbuffed)
  • 43.5 CHC
  • 338 CHD
  • 352.5k EHP
  • 3.8k Armor (w/StI)
  • 36.1k HP
  • 24 MS
  • 5 LS

The difference between my first attempt and second is

~5k more DPS
5% LS and no LoH
24%MS instead of 12%

According to d3up my total damage reduction is 1% less. Double stacking resits I only got out 50 more. Everything else pretty much stayed the same.

2 very different approaches, 2 very similar results.

TBH, I assume they are similiar, I don't know how the 5% LS vs 2.5/900 LS/LoH effect the build.
A full 24% MS instead of 12% is nice though.
I actually did a quick trial run (spent around 30 mins) last night of seeing what I would be able to put together with what was in AH last night to see what I could do with <15M. My results were not nearly that close to what Piffle was able to achieve in his post, but it had results that looked something like ~76K dps, 395K EHP, 2.6% LS, 680 AR, 4.3K Armor (w/ STI), 36K HP, 12%MS and that excluded cost of gems (3 star emeralds, 3 star amethysts, 2 perfect star emeralds). This was purely using buyouts (with exception of one item) and finding the cheapest items with the stats I was looking for. I attribute the less-than-desireable results to my lack of experience in this realm (I need more practice). I'll give it another crack in a couple of weeks as I learn to refine my search criteria to get better results.
  • ~76K dps
  • 395K EHP
  • 4.3K Armor (w/ STI)
  • 680 AR
  • 36K HP
  • 12%MS
  • 2.6% LS

I attribute the less-than-desireable results to my lack of experience in this realm

Well, I'll tell you what, you're way better at it than me!
Even if I simulated perfect star emeralds in my weapons I still wouldn't hit the numbers you got.
humph :/
Hey Nameless, was your 76k DPS experiment buffed or unbuffed DPS?
Don't be too down on your reslults. A couple of things to keep in mind with the sets from the Piffle guide:

1. Piffle spends a lot on gems in them, generally. There's about 20m worth of gems in the 15m set.
2. Piffle bids on at least some of his items. The more expensive the set, the more time you're willing to spend bidding and bulding it.
3. Piffle is very good at this.

In mid november, I actually spent the gold building a few sets at a various budgets, rather than doing it virtually in d3up, because it's hard to get a feel for how much it really costs (The results are on page 4 of the Piffle guide, if your interested). One thing I found is that even allowing for a 12-hour window in which to bid and purchase my gear, as opposed to just going all buy-it-now, will add tons of DPS for your budget.

I also want to add that after about 60K DPS, it starts getting more expensive to raise DPS while maintaining reasonable defenses. If 70K can costs 5m, 80K can cost about 10m, 90K costs 20m, and 100K can cost 40m or more. 120K probably costs 100m or more.
THANKS for the feedback. I will definitely check out your builds.
The effort to accumulate the gold, for me at least, was no small feat! I wanted to do a few practice runs first. Initially I am pretty disappointed with my results, especially with many, not just piffle, posting better builds with a similar budget.

You bring up a good point regarding bidding. I'm going to try again to see how I do.

Here is an example of a budget set I built for under 6m. I'm lazy, I always use the BIN route. Going the bidding route is always better if you have the patience. With 14m, you could probably gain another 5-10k dps.

I opted for pickup radius instead of higher resist. Pickup radius doesn't account into your paper EHP but works wonders in game.. I originally dropped 5k life for 7 pickup and was finally able to facetank in desecrators and aoes. You also shave show much time off your farm runs from not having to run over the gold to pick it up.
Hey Nameless, was your 76k DPS experiment buffed or unbuffed DPS?

It was unbuffed. The other thing is that building this one was just using buyouts. I'm confident that I could cut the price of this same set by ~ 1/4 (or 1/3) if I was a bit more patient and bid to purchase items. When I have more time over Christmas, I'll see what I can do if I give myself a bit more time.

One thing I'd suggest you consider is to use a spreadsheet to put this together. It can give you a good bird's eye view of what you are getting, and it's not hard to do. If you look up my gearing guide, you'll see a spreadsheet embedded in there. Open up the google spreadsheet and see whether it can help you. There is a section in there that you can put cumulative stats (namely dex, chc, chd, ias) to target and it'll calculate projected DPS.
Everyone should be doing this. It's a great way to thoroughly learn your gear and AH.
Let's see, I'm going on 2 weeks of almost no playing, the last few items just wont sell and I want as much gold as possible before I start buying :)

I KNOW how much better a balanced monk is, however, it's sad to see low DPS numbers. One thing I can say which is true, I can already see how easy the upgrade path will be.
Still not hitting the numbers I see the contributors posting but inching closer toward it :)

Monk forum is really awesome...hmmm, since i been naked for weeks, I should hang out in the lobby and get a freebee from Raahl, lol.

Oh, and checking out your guide now. I breezed through it a while ago but going to dust it off here...hmmm, time to go to work, perfect time/place to read a guide, hehe
My Best Attempt so far!
I did save up 17m, that's it though, everything sold, that's the max I have.
Again, I reused my amulet so I didn't have to buy that.
The reason I'm happy is that I broke 400k EHP W/O having a purple gem in my helmet :)
And broke 2 APS on both weapons! (2.21/2.03 MH/OH)

  • 67.4k DPS (unbuffed)
  • 41 CHC
  • 330 CHD
  • 406.2k EHP (467 with Purple Star)
  • 4.5k Armor (w/StI)
  • 36.5k HP
  • 24 MS
  • 5.5 LS

Cost of Items:
helmet $425,000
chest $500,000
belt $500,000
pants $4,000,000
boots $300,000
shoulders $1,000,000
gloves $300,000
bracers $300,000
amulet $0
ring 1 $1,000,000
ring 2 $1,500,000
main $2,250,000
off $5,000,000

Now I need to work up the courage to actually BUY the items on the AH :/
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This is a very interesting read. Wish I'd read it earlier! I'll be back later.

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