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Superb post OP!

If people aren't wild about the "toes" how about "pots of gold" that are randomly dropped instead? Or if you're wanting to stick with a body part, maybe "wishbone" or something similar.

"Goblin Toe" is my wink to D2. ;) I had originally thought of Goblin Heads, though... but really, they could drop nearly anything: a tooth, a nail, a foot, a medallion, an eyeball... oh, the possibilities!
Bump! wow great idea honestly man.
Read this CMs and pass it along to your higher ups.

This is the kind of thing that the fanbase will get on board with.
Great idea!
Yes Yes i love it
Amazing idea. +1

Y u no work for Blizzard!?!?
+1 in my books. I like how you presented it and hope they approve of this idea.
+1 like
Didn't read....but I remember how i love goblins on my smiting paladin...good times...good times..
Its a good idea because now you have even more incentive to kill that goblin especially when he gets near elites and you're attacking both at a time and trying to kill but not die. Your idea will strengthen this part of the game and make seeing a goblin a more intense experience.

The only problem though is will Blizzard actually work to include these kind of ideas during or before the process of "fixing" the game. Because in general, goblins aren't a problem in this game.
I love it. Please Blizz??
bump, i'd be alright with this being a rare drop and a rare occurance
Awesome idea. One of the best ones Iv seen.. If this doesn't catch blizzards eye, I dunno what will.

You are a beautiful person...don't ever change.


The best part is with a totally random drop chance not dependent on mp or NV stacks obtaining these toes will naturally happen. I have ALWAYS dropped whatever it is I am doing in game when "gob" appears in the chat log to kill goblins. It is one of my favorite past times. Also, goblin kills will be a nice break from the monotony of grinding exp/rares/legendary.
Get this man a job on the dev team NEEOOWWW.
!@#$ing A+

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