Ultimate XMAS giveaway-5 sets/Gold/Enter now!

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I am almost a month into Diablo 3, and am slowly moving through Inferno, at this point any higher powered mobs slow me down, take a life or two. Having a low budget (built my gear on finds and about a million gold) has meant it has been tough to really make headway and means a lot of mining for good deals on the AH. It's been fun hunting for bargains, but I'd love the opportunity to really ramp things up to finish out inferno this week.

And anks for being so helpful guys! The forums have really added another layer of enjoyment when I can't play and has provided a ton of insight into how I should be shaping my monk
Hi, firstly I would like to say to big thanks to contributors for the giveaway. You really help fellow monks who are struggling juggling play time and other real life commitments and are looking for progress.

This is my monk's profile, been playing for a few months now, but due to work I do not have much time to play and I dont have the gold required to upgrade my items further. I am kind of at a threshhold now, trying to push my dps further. Would appreciate all the help i can get.

Cheers, merry christmas everyone

I played a ton on release and I had roughly 300 hours invested into d3 within the first month. I just came back to the game around 3 weeks ago and leveled a monk. I currently am playing tempest rush farming build but I am needing gear for ubers and high mp clears with friends because currently I just die nonstop.

Hello, just want to first start off by commending you for all this you're doing, you guys make Christmas so much more inspiring (rekindling faith in the D3 community) with all of this here.

I've played D3 since it came out, but never been a strong player compared to other people I see on the forums. After MP came, my DH (my first character) just could not get past A4, so I stopped a rolled a WD with some success (stuck on MP3). I rolled a monk, but before doing so I really did research and read guides (God bless Piffle) so I knew what to do. Recently got her to 60, and got a few good pieces from a friend of mine, but still MP1 is proving to be a little harder than expected. Any gear, even if it's one piece that would be a good upgrade on whatever I have would be the absolute best! Just anything that'll help me progress into higher MP's and farm more on my own solo would be great. Thank you so much! ♥
Just a little add on here. I have some gear from previous upgrades sitting in my stash that any struggling physical monk is welcome to have. Must be at or below 50k sheet dps please.

Add me: Eloquator#1510

Like many others, I played the game from release and got stuck around Act 2, Inferno. From reading the forums, I created a reasonably functional glass cannon that was fun to play. With Monster Power, I realized quickly that I was dying all of the time because I had no vitality. (Nice realization, right?) So, I slowly key farmed and started replacing equipment using Piffle’s guide (although I’ve got an issue of becoming attached to the legendaries that I find myself). I usually farm keys on MP3 and had higher-level folks help me get my Hellfire ring. Now, I’m going after Spec Variant C in part 2 of Druin’s guide, and waiting for part 3 so that I can try the TR build…mostly because it looks like a lot of fun! I have found the monk forums (when they aren’t buried in price checks) to be a great read and more importantly, a really cool community.
I know I am not as deserving as some other players here seeing as I have other toons (none over paragon 30 mind) but my monk certainly struggles through mp1 with multiple deaths. Gold has been depleted gearing other chars so no funds to upgrade the monk. The monk was my first toon (& always planned it to be) but he just fell by the wayside as other chars were more efficient and initially cheaper to gear. Therefore any help, be it gear or gold, would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


I am currently a lv 59 monk (will be 60 Tomorrow) and I've been playing a demon hunter. Started leveling a monk and I absolutely love the class. I have been planing that after my monk is gear to do what my DH can do I am giving my DH gear away like you guys are doing here. It would be a nice start for a fresh monk to have the honor of using one of these epic sets.

Merry Christmas to all and good luck to my fellow contestants :)

Hi, i have been playing wizard for some time, but i didnt like it much. So after i got with a lot of troubles hellfire ring i chose new class. I have spent some time researching mechanics and build for monks, coz he seemed to me to be the coolest character from all (and it is!), but every build needs special gear and is quite expensive. I dont have that much time to play and that makes it all hard to collect gold and i dont think i have ever got a good sellable item (never sold anything for more then 1M).
I believe ur gear would help me greatly, depending on gear i would make the appropriate build, coz all of them are just awesome, and spend the little time i have farming at least MP1 inferno. Right now my DPS is not the worst, but it is at my survivability expense, on MP0 like every second elite pack kills me and therefore i mostly play public games to have support.

Thx for any help, have a wonderful CHristmas and happy new year
Did they fix the rubberbanding with Tempest Rush yet? I gave up on it even though it was fun to run fast and knock monsters back....
been using exploding palm since they fixed it and when deployed correctly on the first one in a large pack it works like a charm:) love watching spiders just explode haha...
anyways am at 80unbuffed but wanting to get better movement speed/attack....

I'm currently having trouble surviving on the higher mp levels, I'm trying to build myself a hellfire ring. I really need lifesteal but I can't afford it because I don't get any good drops at all. One of these sets would really help me and give me more reason to play. I struggle with multiple deaths on mp1 so it's really hard to go up mp's and kill keywardens for the increased drop rate.
Leorrix - 200 M

Well, I guess you guys are amply covered on that end, then :)
I'm currently in Act3 Inferno, Defeated the Spider Queen in MP0. SInce that I've trying to move foward but I keep getting killed really fast. I'm back to Act2 farming for drops and gold. My Dps isn't where I want it to be and my HP is also low. Even if I don't win I would not mind having some of the great monk players guide me in getting the right gear for my build (or a new build - I will gladdy pay for your time in gold).
Leorrix - 200 M

Well, I guess you guys are amply covered on that end, then :)

It was a very very generous donation :).

Thanks for all the good reads guys. All of you are good candidates, best of luck to you!
Bumping this to tell you all we are picking the winners on the 26th. Only a few days away so don't miss out and enter.
battle tag: tgillespie#1389

I started playing monk before i quit a few monks ago. I got bored and quit before I hit 60. Paragon levels brought me back and I focused on my WW barb. Ive been at it for about 3 weeks now and I am bored to death with it. Im leveling up my monk again and its begining to become fun again. I dont have the money to afford a good set of monks gear ( I only have 1 mil) I'd love to have the set waiting for me when I hit 60 so I can hop in to it right away. Im also not to good when it comes to buying gear. I always seem to blow money and never get good results. Id appreciate one of the sets very much. Thanks!
Artemis #1508

Love D3. First Diablo game. Pretty much just a casual player.

I'm struggling to boost dps. Right now I am farming to get Infernal machine mats and plan. It's been such a grind to find since I can only go solo on MP 3 or 4. You guys are awesome and the gear will definitely help whoever wins.

Keep up the great holiday work and cheer
I sent you a message in game about some more gear.

First time visiting the forums and was very excited to see people offering this kind of help.
As a lot of the other players have mentioned, im at a total stand still.. I don't know where to go from where i'm currently at with my build... honestly some advice from someone who has over 150k dps would really really be appreciated.. People have tried helping me before but i never seem to get the right answers to what is wrong. thank you again for having this giveaway and best of luck to everyone!

-Dijon ;)

Jumping in with my own 2c and situation:

Seems the consensus here is that inferno act II was a brick wall for many at release and I'm no different. I decided to give it a whirl after my 4/13 H WoW guild broke up not even expecting it to be fun again, but here I am, enjoying the holiday break without too much excessive gearing up or buying that temptingly cheap gold. Currently I've been just grouping for AIII inferno without much issues, but when I go solo at MP3 I'm not really efficient (have had normal mobs one-shot me?) Pretty happy jumping to 34k dps from like 18k when I was a new 60, but I know I have a great while to go. This is quite an awesome thing yall are doing and I appreciate it even if i'm not a winner.- GL to everyone Merry Christmas/Kwanza/Haunaka etc :P.

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