Ultimate XMAS giveaway-5 sets/Gold/Enter now!

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I seem to have misplaced my... Bump.

Never mind, I found it. =)
Hi Guys
Read Druin's Tempest Rush Compendium... would like to win a set to get going. Been dying alot with my current gear.

Thanks in advance if I get any =)
wow those are some nice sets

I might have read over it but i do not see how you enter? One of those sets would be nice if i got lucky just came back to d3 and months behind haha.

Can I try this luck? Hopefully I can boost my dps. I used to die alot in mp1. I stay all nights and days at AH and use all of my gold buying and selling to get better gears. Winning one of these price would help me to get more focus on the game, not AH.

Those sets are really nice. Thanks for the donation, guys.
I hope I get this. Im stuck at 50-60k dps :(


Honestly i just started Thursday. I got it off a limb for my friend and he told me if i made a character and beat the game he would power level me and give me gear. Turns out he sucks and had no gear for me so i was sitting at level 60 with nothing. So i joined some people on Inferno MP 10 and picked up as much as i could. Thats what i have now other than my weapon which someone gave to me. Other than that you would have absolutely no reason to give this to me and heck im not even really asking. I don't mind having to do it myself thats how i've always been. But a little help along the way would really be nice! Thanks for your consideration!

Have an amazing day and Happy Holidays!!
jsculls#1922 Keen to go in the draw.

Been playing a dual wield monk since beginning (quit about 5 months ago and just started again today). Always wanted to try TR since first getting the game but could never make it work with the useless Daibo's that were around! now looks like there's some actual options.

Feel like I've made some bad choices when it comes to picking gear so far and although inferno is pretty easy I'm having a hard time trying to run keys at a decent MP so that I dont have to run 10 times just to get one key.


Going to step back from this entry, I was able to obtain some nice pieces recently and I think the gear would do better on someone else.

Im surprised at how helpful the Monk community is compared to the other classes. I suppose being looked at as underpowered compared to some others will build comradery. Thank you to all the guys who made "gearing your monk" guides and guides on the different playstyles, It has really helped me a lot.

Piffle, without your gearing post (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7005435884?page=1) I would have been lost and blown alot of money on dumb things. That one post alone has helped me so much when deciding about upgrades and where to go with my gear. If anyone has any questions about making a budget set, that post will do everything you need.

Thanks to the monk community for being helpful.
Just got back into the game after a few months. My monk is lvl 56 and after seeing this awesome thread, and seeing all the really helpful cool people in the monk community i suppose i know what my main will be! Time to strip my barb!

You guys are awesome for doing this!
would like the set also

Happy NEw Year to All
Fro#1573 really cool you guys are Dion this. I started out playing a monk. And wanted to get back to playing one.

So I've hit Act 2 on Inferno and have started dying a lot more than in Act 1, but I'm still making progress. It's not impossible to continue the quests but I definitely see a wall in the near future. If I could get anything from this that would help me out that would be awesome. I'm just looking to get something that will help me through the tough times. Im level 60 paragon 4 but I only got 24k dps, so I think that's pretty low for a monk in Act 2. Also, I've recently gotten back into playing D3, so winning anything will just help fuel my gaming.

im new to the game, started to play 2 months ago (wish i add more time to play),
been reading a lot on forum and learning from you guys a lot.
dont think i will win it but it would be cool to get 1 of those sets or even the gold :)

thank you guys for doing this and help other monks.

wish you all a Happy New Year!!
I'll have time to read all these entries tomorrow. I work -_-

losing interest in playing a barb. I wanted to reroll another toon that could match up to my barb and by watching tempest run videos i got excited and decided to roll a monk.

I have just started playing Diablo III again. At first I played a witch doctor who couldn't do any damage nor stay alive from mobs in inferno. Since I couldn't do much damage, I thought maybe I could become a monk and tank. I'm currently struggling trying to find a build to last myself through hell. I want to win the set in order to ease myself from dying.

I dont have much to say about my time playing diablo, as it was somewhat cut short. Me and a bunch of my co-workers waitin in line for the game after work 1 day ( we are cooks ) and ended up playing together for a month. (we had 8 people, so we swapped in and out). But come june, we got way to busy at work so we had to stop playing for a bit, and some of us lost interest as the game was just to fast during release.

Evidently, I quit the game, until about 6 days ago, when my close friend got the game for christmas, and weve been having a great time since. The new monster power level system provides quiet a challenge, but we arent good enough to progress past mp2. Weve tried mp2 already, and the whites are easy, but we die almost every blue back and it takes us time to get through. We tried beefing our gear up, but we just learned that some of our gear is somewhat useless since we have adqequte dps, but lackluster resistance to stand any chance against rare packs, So now where trying to farm up together to progress, but im just hoping it doesnt get to boring that we quit again.

I have been playing D3 since it began, but there was definitely quite a lull as I started wizard and did not get to monk until a few months ago. It's fun to play, but I guess I don't use enough outside resources to have the EHP/DPS figured out, and I'd like to get close to or break the 100k barrier. I have spells of D3, but I average a few bossless A3 runs each day of the weekend (more if I'm watching SC2 streams on my second stream) and a few sprinkled throughout the week. Good luck to everyone, and thank you monk community for always being so supportive!
Reslin#1758 I have a friend I just got into the game and would love to get him a tempest rush set as a new years present so count me in.

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