Ultimate XMAS giveaway-5 sets/Gold/Enter now!

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Wow, thanks so much ... I wasn't expecting to win anything but this made my day (I don't know what I am winning, but it's the thought that counts) ... I really appreciate it!

Just an FYI, I am currently stationed in the Horn of Africa region and there's a 10 hour time difference between here and East Coast. I'll be on around 10 AM EST tomorrow, but if that doesn't work out, we can co-ordinate a different time to meet up online during the weekend.

Thanks again and Happy New Years to all!
Congrats Bibagi :D Hope this is a sign of a great new year for you!
Congrats Bibagi!
Congratz dude
Congrats Bibagi!

There a way we can talk over Gmail or something? I am at work and can't skype but I have a pretty solid idea for determining winners / prizes!

Sam you never came online last night:(
Probably a bit late, but I'd love to throw my hat in the ring, if you still haven't given stuff away! I've been playing since the very beginning but have hit a huge wall recently... can't seem to find or sell anything and it hurts me deeply. Not too deeply actually.

Borgantis 1375
haha congrats dood! (:

I love how the monk forum is collectively such a good sport... <3
congrats! Hope this gear make your new year all the better!
Going to be at gf's tonight. I'll talk to you when I can catch you Sam.

Hope everything is going good for you IRL bro.
Since Sam seems to be somewhat MIA at this point and we have one winner selected ... and this thing is starting to drag on well past when we said we would hand out sets ... I am going to just give out one of the sets to Bibagi.

Hopefully that's cool with everyone?
I think it should be... Bibagi must be like a kid on Christmas Eve being told he has to wait until morning for his gifts LOL
Armament #1204. Help me make my monk stronger please! I'm sick of playing Demon Hunter!!
Sorry guys. Been really busy lately.

I'll try to get online some time soon - otherwise you guys are more than welcome to finish picking the rest of the winners.

I apologize to all of you for waiting, just had a lot going on at the time. (still do) But congrats @Bibagi!

Scrapz, you guys can pick the rest. I kind of am M.I.A at the moment, not sure when I'll be returning.
If Scrapz doesn't do so by tomorrow, I will pick the winner for the other set I have.
Me and druin are selecting winners now.

Will be posted soon
Alrighty! Without further adieu, here are the winner of the Christmas / New Years / a little bit after that give-a-way!!!

1. Bibagi#1986
2. joyous#1717
3. Twisted#1227
4. Jaguarjazz#1562
5. Artemis #1508

Each winner will get to choose which set he or she would like and they will get to choose in order of how they are picked. IE: Bibagi picks first then Joyous ... ect.

If you have any questions, please just let me know!

Congratulations to you 5!

-Druin, the happy monk
HEY HEY! Sweet! Thanks so much guys! Videos really helped me out too Druin.
Congrats guys! Enjoy your gear!!

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