Two computers, one network, constant D/C's

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My brother and I are home for the holidays and are trying to play Diablo III on the same network. We are having issues.

Here are the symptoms:

We can both log into the game and use the auction house or start a game together, but usually within one minute, one of us disconnects.

One person in DIII can play for hours without disconnecting or experiencing any lag.

Router/Modem: Netgear CGD24G
Firmware is updated (V4.4.8R073-RG)
Have tried it on Channel 3, 8, and 11 (no difference).
Have tried it with UPnP enabled and disabled (no difference).

PLEASE help!! One of my X-mas presents to my brother was DIII stuff, and now we can't even play it together :-/.

If it's possible, try using wired connections to the modem/router instead of wireless. If you've set up any sort of port forwarding at all in the router, try undoing it and setting it back to the factory default settings.

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