WTF? am i the only one experiencing this?

Lore and Story
ok, so i was on inferno with my female wd in the ruined cistern or whatever ( the sewer thing in act 2) with the quest "betrayer of the horadrim" then suddenly a pack of 3 champion dark berserkers showed up. from the moment i saw them i knew something was odd, i mean, dark berserkers isn't supposed to be there. they were supposed to be in alcarnus or something. but then i read their names. very odd indeed, champions' names should be their kind like: "dark berserkers" but no, it's names that you can find on rares and unique enemies ex: [random name] the murderer and [random name] the giant or something like that. the other strangest thing is that the three of them have DIFFERENT affixes, one of them have fast, molten, jailer and vortex. the other have frozen, plagued, avenger, and knockback, the other one have teleportr, mortar, illusionist, and arcane enchant. forgot their names because it's very confusing. is this some kind of easter eggs or a rare coincidence? if you encountered the same thing pls reply.
Maybe you encountered one of the rare achievement based champions.
Sounds like a bug to me.. one i would rather not encounter unless i'm really spoiling for a fight.

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