Witch Doctor Giveaway for the Community!

Witch Doctor
We want to help two lucky people get on their feet and help us against the minions of hell! Today we are giving away two characters full of gear. Archon Wizard and a Witch Doctor.
Either on here or on the video link, give us a reason you need the gear and your battle.net tag.

Winners will be choosen based on comment and possibly a random number generator!

Good luck!

Archon Wizard Link --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdM1MUbRFAg

Witch Doctor Link--> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bibStXQZnMg&feature=youtu.be
I've been around the Diablo Franchise for a long time, and I have always wanted an archon wizard but never had the gold to afford it while trying to get a witch doctor ready for MP10 Ubers.
An MP10 build can be obtained, it'll require I little more finesse and learning the play style. To be honest, it could be done with that gear-with some gem switching and such.
My WD isn't max level yet but I'm working on him. I want to be able to have all five classes to be able to farm at least MP0-3 efficiently. I do admit I have two characters that are reallly good so if you'd like to give it away to someone who's more in need I completely and totally respect that.

Any pointers would help me a ton!
What time will you announce the winner?
12/27/2012 12:58 AMPosted by gdp
Any pointers would help me a ton!

Let me know your questions!
12/27/2012 01:17 AMPosted by Embearassed
Any pointers would help me a ton!

Let me know your questions!

I think you missed mine. :P
Well basically, within a few days. We want to make sure people that have seen it, have gotten a chance to enter.
12/27/2012 01:24 AMPosted by Embearassed
Well basically, within a few days. We want to make sure people that have seen it, have gotten a chance to enter.

Alright. Thanks. :) I hope you get a ton of responses by then. That way there's a big selection to choose from.
Yeah, we seem to be getting a decent response. Considering it's very early in the morning, 3am-5am.
First question......Are bears even worth it? For farming high MP keys? Or should I stick to SB/WoS? And should I get trifecta gloves to bump that dps up?
Trifecta gloves aren't worth it. Basically there's a sweet spot, with attack speed vs. resource regeneration and management. Bears are definitely worth it, with a little life leech one hit from bears doing 200-400k damage is 5-8k life returned. It's amazing, trust me. I can do a video on how I play if you'd like sometime soon as a training/tutorial video.
Nice to see people actually trying to help out the community rather then complain about the game. I would be very interested in either sets if it is possible. My reason for it, is because I have tried a lot of different builds on different characters. I do find a lot of classes to be fun, but i've had a really hard time trying to find the one that I want to keep grinding and grinding. I dunno if its lack of gear or if I just enjoy more then one character at a time. But I'm interested in the sets to hopefully sway me to enjoying whatever class they go to if its the witchdoc or the wizard. Anyhow once again it's nice to see people trying to help out.

Your friend,

deleted by user
I fought Diablo and Diablo won...!
I would love a new witchdoctor set, because i've been playing for a long time and saving up. I took a small break to study up for upcoming tests, but during that time a hacker got into my account. He took most of my gear and when i finally got my account back in control, i was really behind. I've had to start over, and im slowly rebuilding, but tests are around the corner once again, making it hard for me to put 100% into getting back into the game. A new set would be an awesome late Christmas present and a good start to the new year(:. This would mean the world to me, and give me a great jump start Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!
If you could, even if you commented here, comment in the YouTube Videos that we linked. I've posted this in plenty different areas with different people commenting. Just comment with your Battletag and a quick reason. The comments on the videos will be how we pick the winners! If you don't comment in the video, we can't enter you in the competition!


Joe and Mike

COMMENT on the VIDEO. We can't use a Random Number generator on 4 different forums lol.

EVEN if you've posted here already, do it in the video!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bibStXQZnMg&feature=youtu.b <---Witch Doctor

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdM1MUbRFAg <----Archon Wizard

Comment on vids! We can't enter you unless you comment there
shoot ya, i would love to give your WD a new home. I had D3 since launch but never had a pc to push it until now. So i'm finally learning the ropes and my first toon is a WD. If i didn't have to worry about gear, then i would enjoy focusing on learning how to play him more. I'm enjoying the game greatly.

thank you for the consideration
My WD is probably the best character I have, and I've gotten pretty lucky in the gear I have, but I only have a few million and can't afford high priced upgrades for higher monster powers. I'm pretty much stuck on MP3, and can't progress through 4+ effectively. This set would be a MASSIVE upgrade for me and would help me roll through 4-5+
Thank you!


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