gold websites spamming me with friend request

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01/08/2013 07:36 PMPosted by r4ph20

Don't piss on my foot and tell me it's raining. You have done NOTHING to stop this. Ban their ip's. Do a range ban. Remove the ability of new accounts to message. This BS has got to stop. And by BS I mean the blue posts telling us you are actually doing something when you are clearly not.

what this guy said... i get a minimum of 10 requests a day, a my friend gets worse.. this is toally f***en ridiculous, wouldnt surprise me if they are on some kinda payroll from the bot gold sites... ive reported spammers as every kind of option there is, thank christ there really wasnt a real life threat.... :/

it really wouldnt be that hard to add a block forever feature, some kind of anti-advertising detection (or remove message !@#$ altogether), block trial accounts from adding friends etc.

so easy...
makes you wonder why nothing has been done for so long

Some of the employees of blizzard probably have a "side" deal w/ some of the gold websites, to make some good side profit.....
While I don't share the conspiracy theories that Blizzard is taking a cut off not banning
these nuisances I do agree its been going on for months. Now, Diablo 3 has alot of people
screaming at the rain already because its a loot finding game you can't find loot in, so,
predictably they have bigger fish to fry than the gold sellers. Just keep in mind, Blizzard
already made their money when we all believed their reputation and ran out to buy the game,
so spending alot of money fixing problems isn't in their interests. They cant fix loot drops
because they will loose money in their RMAH. Complaints like this will be ignored until it
hits them in the wallet. I personally think enough people are spending money in the RMAH
at this moment they simply couldn't be bothered fixing anything.

Now, I tell you what will work. Dont buy any Blizzard products in the future no matter how
nice they look. When companies start lossing alot of money they start caring about their
customers and working to address their concerns, they might even start listening when
WE try to tell them whats fun! They might put a simple toggle in the game that blocks
all friend requests unless you unblock them. But again, Blizzard already made their money
on this game based on their reputation so I dont have any hopes they will all of a sudden
come to their senses and fix problems or adress them.

Just remember, Blizzard might be flush from their previous successes but I dont know any
companies who can last for long if enough people simply stop buying their products. I
don't care if not even one of you stops buying their games but I havent bought a game'
in 28 years that left such a bad taste in my mouth as this one and I will never buy another
game from this company until they start addressing and fixing problems the way they used
to before they became mega rich and stopped caring about their customers.

Btw, just so you know where my rant is coming from...D2 was my favorate game of all
time. I played it longer and had more fun with it than any other game. I used to think the
sun rose and set on Blizzard. I played D3 for 1000 hours and I tried so hard to like it, I kept
playing stubbornly because I though, hey, Rome wasnt built in a day so Blizzard will fix
it eventually if I'm patient. Months rolled by and no significant fixes, smoke and mirrors
instead of real fixes as Blizzard seemed to turn a blind eye to customer complains, tried to
balance the game and make people use other skills by nerfing everything good, and
manipulated people into thinking drops would be better then ninja nerfed the drops when
people believed the hype. Just to milk higher prices from their RMAH and keep players
hooked. They could have edited 80% of the legendaries in 1.3 so they all wouldn't suck,
but, sadly 80% or more of your legendaries suck because they want you to believe you are
actually getting legendary drops when you aren't. If you don't believe me, please explain
why there are a overwelming majority of legendary items that arent even worth rolling
because they can't possibly be worth anything no matter what the roll on them is.

I am angry and also saddened because before D3 I would have bought a game just because
it was a Blizzard game. Now I would trust a used car salesman before I would trust
another Blizzard release.
All I know is after four days I have 66 diablo 3 walmart and other gold site friend requests.
Can we PLEASE have an option to simply ban any friend requests added into the game :(
I accidentally accepted 1 or 2 while trying to report a whole bunch after coming back from a few months break, and I think that they somehow got my email from this and are now sharing it around because ever since then i've been racking up at least 5 requests every day, and if i stay offline for a week I come back to 20-30.

I'm just reaching the point where I now want to quit the game so I can forget this constant flood, which feels like nothing less then harassment :(
I didn't log on for a week . . . 76 spam friend requests.
I am tired of reporting spam, especially if it came back with from the same spammers. I will just leave it alone now and imagine it is my NV stack!
01/10/2013 07:11 AMPosted by seekie
I am tired of reporting spam, especially if it came back with from the same spammers. I will just leave it alone now and imagine it is my NV stack!

Rofl!!! I tried to leave it alone too, but scrolling down 28 names to see if my friends where
logged on became more of a nuisance than the daily delete's. I dont know why these people
thing hurassing people will win them customers but since the average gold seller has over
100 accounts blocking them all is impossible. I dont know how many you can ban but mine
is at the limit, I just get an error message when I try to block them now.
Blocking does no good. The bots duplicate their names but with different numbers.

To reflect the sentiment of others, I will never again purchase a Blizzard game.

I'm ready to trash D3 and move on to something else, like CoD.
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I am tired of reporting spam, especially if it came back with from the same spammers. I will just leave it alone now and imagine it is my NV stack!

Except instead of increasing your magic find and xp, this stack decreases the time left on your enrage timer.
I now have too many friend requests to report.
What is being done about this?
There have been many reasonable and logical solutions proposed on this thread.
I would be happy to just have an option to ignore ALL friend requests.
Okay. so everyone has this all wrong.

A few facts:
Reporting gold seller's and blocking them does nothing.
Gold sellers are able to use the same username on multiple accounts.
You are not receiving friend requests from the same account, ever.

Disallow trial accounts from sending friend requests.
Problem solved.
Hey, I've made two threads talking about my frustration regarding the insane amount of spam I receive daily, hourly, and sometimes even by the minute. Blizz has never responded to either of my threads [asking what they're doing about this issue.]

I understand there are some lucky folks who don't get hassled by spammers much. But I don't believe their experience is typical. From my own experience, and by reading threads like this one, and by talking in-game to players, it appears spam is basically everywhere.

Reporting spammers is useless. There are just too many fraudulent accounts to contend with. It would be better if there was a way to circumvent some laws and current game policy to go after the core offenders, of which there are only a handful...

Granted, I admit to not knowing much about the workings of D3, but I'd echo the suggestion of removing specific functions from trial accounts, which is where I assume a lot of the spam is coming from.

Ultimately, being flooded with spam isn't the worst thing ever... But it is stupid how long it's been going on, how impotent a massive company like Blizz is in combating spam, and how many open windows are left unchecked and never closed for those buggers to crawl through.

I feel your pain, OP. And I HOPE Blizz takes its collective thumb from its bum and does something about the issue of spammers, scammers, and bots alike.
Looks like you could use some of their gold..just saying.
I simply don't get their strategy. Annoy someone mercilessly for months in hopes that they'll eventually do business with you.

Anyone who has ever bought gold from Walmart, AH, or Fasteve can rot. For that matter, I'm sure they are all just sister sites sharing information.
Gold spammers give me a rage !@#$%!!!!! Blizz is a huge troll company with teats for these spammers.Your voices are landing on deaf ears!
04/24/2013 01:17 PMPosted by Shadow
Gold spammers give me a rage !@#$%!!!!! Blizz is a huge troll company with teats for these spammers.Your voices are landing on deaf ears!

I rarely get a gold spammer friend request. It is been months and months since the last. Perhaps Blizzard should not allow people to post http addresses in chat. Nor in friend request / comment.
Actually I have noticed a significant decline in the gold spam friend request I receive in game.
(Thank you programmers....I grovel before you with much respect)

In addition, the actual gold spam I see in trade does exist, but it was no where near as bad as it was in me. i just report them.

I use an add-on called "bad boy" on wow. It auto reports the gold spammers and actually blocks the gold spam and power leveling trade spam. (Obviously it wont work in Diablo) However, I am pretty sure that the scripts that are used in the add-on to block, report and filter the spam should not be hard to figure out.

Now the other solution would be to put in a word filter for the players that would block any player chat containing specific words, letter combinations or characters. (example www ) I do not know the nuts and bolts of the diablo chat functionality. However, a player enabled and controlled "word filter" should be able to work client side. Just a thought :-)
Blocking does no good. The bots duplicate their names but with different numbers.

To reflect the sentiment of others, I will never again purchase a Blizzard game.

I'm ready to trash D3 and move on to something else, like CoD.

If you think any game with currency is immune to botters and sellers, you're an idiot. If you think fps are immune to aimbots and the like, you're an idiot.

Your sentiments are constructed on ignorance and misguided hatred.

As far as the issue of this thread goes: We need a toggle for friend requests just like Blizzard did with guild invites in WoW, since they didn't feel like banning guild spam addons, as they don't seem to be immediately preventing trial accounts from abuse or whatever workaround goldsellers are using.
I seem to get friend requests from the gold spammers with the same player name, usually some twist of the site name even after blocking each one in succesion. I have went back to check and all are being listed as blocked.
My observations suggest these things:
1. I think there is an abuse of the guest cards in retail games. These are being used to create many duplicate player names....but with different battle tags. Some of this is so flagrant as to use a player ame that is a twist of the gold selling website for the player name.
2. the second thing suggested is that those people that use the power leveler services (which usualluy also sell gold), are finding the accounts that must be accessed to provide the service are being used to braodcast spam while it is being used to provide the service.

As long as people will use these services to bypass the game play intent, the source of these complaints will continue. they seem to be able to find ways around the efforts of blizzard to control them. Play the game the way it was intended and you might find it more entertaining. One thing that might be a result of our effort to ignore these services would be an AH that is more digestable. Many AH items are so rediculously priced though a major portion of the items are not being sold for the asking price but enough are being sold at the high prices to support asking.

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