gold websites spamming me with friend request

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01/06/2013 12:44 AMPosted by Snord
I don't post here much, but I want to add my voice on this issue. I am also being spammed repeatedly by variations on '[insert random letters]WWWDIABLO3WALMART.COM'. It started when I was approaching L50, but that may not have anything to do with it. Blizzard has presumably had tens of thousands of reports of these spam friend requests, yet nothing seems to have been done - I can't understand why it's so hard to block them.

I am continually getting the above everytime I log in and while playing. On average I am getting 30+ a day. When is Blizzard going to put a stop to it. I've used the reporting function to block and report it but NOTHING is ever done about them. Blizzard you need to pull your socks up and do something! I would like to hear further comment from a BLUE on this and what action is BEING taken!
Just like the botters you mentioned, we take reports concerning gold spam very seriously and are continuing to take steps to combat it. As long as you are taking the time to report and block these users, then you are helping us ensure that we’re aware of which players are attempting to abuse the friend request system so that we can investigate them and take action against them.

We’re always looking to improve your online experience, and that includes the reporting system. Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback!

What about preventing it instead? Those aren't retail accounts.
When a real friend wantrs me to join them they or i will txt each other first then go back to options check box, accept, then uncheck box. Look i hate it too with a passion, but thats the best your gonna get from blizzard right now. I love not seeing 20-30 invites everytime i log on now.
Have you ever thought, maybe Blizzard is the gold sellers? hmmmmm
Create a player status that allows us not to recieve friend requests. It's worse than rares... over 99% of my friend requests are trash.
No longer able to remove the requests from the menu....Error 5006
01/02/2013 05:40 PMPosted by Vaeflare
very seriously

not seriously enough. fact.
01/06/2013 02:09 PMPosted by STG
very seriously

not seriously enough. fact.

I'm reporting about 10-30 spam friend requests a DAY.
They need to REMOVE THE ABILITY of TRIAL accounts to send out friend requests.!!
They need to REMOVE THE ABILITY of TRIAL accounts to send out friend requests.!!
They need to REMOVE THE ABILITY of TRIAL accounts to send out friend requests.!!
They need to REMOVE THE ABILITY of TRIAL accounts to send out friend requests.!!
They need to REMOVE THE ABILITY of TRIAL accounts to send out friend requests.!!
They need to REMOVE THE ABILITY of TRIAL accounts to send out friend requests.!!
Please fix it. That is all. Thank you.
76 today so i quit and came here to cry, saw this posted already and i think i have a solution. we need to counter spam. try friend requesting them instead. at least they can't friend request a friend right? and yes i've submitted at least 500 spam reports and probably 30 harassment reports. not willing to send 76 more right now. Blizz do something. Im about to go back to playing games on my 360. your couch.
I had started a char on EU servers, and BAM. 73 requests..... i get what u mean
Vaeflare is miss leading you JDH. I put a post on here earlier, and they took it off. I have a post prior to yours which lists this very problem. Just search WVVW and you can read.

I have blocked these spammers & reported their spams (and I continue to do so), but NOTHING is being done. I still get 15 to 20 spams every day from every day. There are other spammers, but that is by far 99% of all the spams.

Nothing has changed. Such an easy fix to limit the number of people you can "add friends" to on a daily bases, but "B" continues to ignore this. The day I get on without there being 15 to 20 spams I'll post back saying I'm wrong, but Vaeflare is not correct when I & YOU continue to get these spamms every day, even when banning commincation.
So easily resolved, so little done about it.

End trial accounts. Track message threads and block accounts offering gold, only unlock those accounts if a legit claim to it being stolen appears.

Unfortunately Blizzards thirst for more paying customers far outweighs their concern for the current users experience.
it's the same user spamming the same message. Same user getting reported tens, hundreds, thousand times a day. Yet, blizz is not sure if he should warn or ban.
It's called get rid of the message ability in a friend request, entirely, just drop it!!!!!!!!!

...and what's being done about all the gold seller sites that are providing this spam?

Now it's about a dozen spams a day, block list long filled, this is really pathetic and easily fixed, I'd even be happy with an allow friend request check box in settings, I will gladly uncheck it.
how about just taking legal action against GOLDAH they are the noobs that keep spamming...
my friends want to try d3 to see if they like it, so you want me to not be able to communicate with them while they do?

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