Rough time with Act 3 Inferno

I'm having a !@#$% of a time in Act 3. I'm a very casual player, I usually have to look up the abbreviations I see on the forum, and Im getting destroyed by any sort of pack that I run across, even when I play more defensively than I normally do. I've read a lot of the gear-based threads, read a bunch of build threads, but all these damn numbers just make my head spin.

I'm not looking to be able to farm Act IV MP 10, but it'd be nice to be able to finish the game at some point without risking a rage stroke. Right now I'm "farming" (as best as a casual player can) Act 1 MP 1 to raise some cash for upgrades, but I'm at a loss as to what to focus on. I think maybe I spread myself out too much as far as stats go (I checked other threads and suggestions for gear upgrades, but it seems standard threads are either "I have 200 mill to upgrade" or "I need upgrades pls give me free stuff", and I fall somewhere in between those).

I know there's a bunch of threads and guides about upgrades and what to focus on, but as I said I really don't see one that helps a casual gamer who plays maybe three times a week for a couple hours a shot. I know I'll never have the best gear, and I really don't care to. I would just really appreciate some feedback on the things I have now, and maybe some ideas as to what to look for.

I enjoy playing, and I'd like to beat Inferno before I move on to another character, but JESUS I'm getting frustrated.
Thinking outside the box with regards to skill builds can be fun. If you are on a budget, you should stick to one of the established builds and get a gear set that suits the build.

The cookie cutter builds are hota/rend, double nado, snb with any number of skill builds.

Which do you prefer? Someone might be able to help better once you answer this.

I'm a big advocate of the double tornado build because of the pace of gameplay. It takes some getting used to the mechanics. Functional gearsets to complete content on mp0 are cheap.
My most common build is what you see in the profile, but usually with Rend instead of overpower. I tend towards being able to self-heal while standing in the middle of mobs and just outlasting them through LoH, pots and revenge.

Well, at least that's what I did until Act 3 haha.

I enjoy having two weapons and just tearing into the enemies, and I would prefer to not have to strafe overly much (although I do). I know that we all can't have everything we want in this game, so I'd totally willing to change skills and play-styles if needed. I'd prefer to stay away from SnB.


As I said above, I'm very casual about this game. I enjoy it and have no expectations of MP10, or even MP 5+, really. Just looking to be able to progress without having to die 6-8 times, lol.
Add me, i have a set I built for an azmo challenge that will help your AR which should help with survival.
Thanks for the help PPE, I really appreciate it. Pho rocks, by the way

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