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My account is Locked. It says "Error has Occurred" while I am resetting my password. This Happened when I tried opening my d3 account on my sisters's Laptop! Please Help.
Can't submit a Ticket of Phone Support since it it OFFLINE. What should I do?

01/02/2013 07:49 PMPosted by Biel
Can't submit a Ticket of Phone Support since it it OFFLINE

What do you mean by this?

You'll have to submit a ticket. If you mean you can't because they're closed, you'll have to wait until they're open tomorrow as we can't assist with an issue like this in the forums.

I don't see any restrictions on the account you're posting from by the way.
Thanks for the Reply Omrakos,

I understand, they're close and we can't discuss things like this in the forum. the problem is I'm from the Philippines though i use Americas as my server. When will i be able to submit a ticket instead? From my current location, it's 12:06pm here.

If you can view the status of my account, as you said "you don't see any restrictions on the account", please check again. I can't log in. From a thread I stumbled upon,
they can assist a reset. can you do it aswell. thanks.

You can submit tickets 24/7.

Now it's showing as having been locked. They sent a password reset again and it hasn't been done by you yet.

I've issued a reset as that's about all I can do.
How come i cant submit a ticket? its says, will respond within 24 hours. and the SUBMIT A TICKET tab isn't clickable. Please help....
try this link:

I was encountering same problem this morning and I found this link below "Help! I got hacked!" then you can now use the account recovery and reset your password. Just resolved my problem a few minutes ago.
Big thanks mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's your battle tag? be glad to be your friend.
For others that read this, the two big issues with password reset are:

1. The link in the email takes some folks to the site instead of Be sure it takes you to the correct one. The link above is what resolved that for the OP. It got him to the correct site.
2. The other issue is that the website is not playing nice with Safari/Chrome. Some things need to be done in Firefox or IE to work correctly. Password reset can be one of them so switching browsers can help.
as MissCheetah said, the link for resetting the password i received is instead of (im playing US server) .

i was having difficulties until i read what MissCheetah wrote and manually change the link address to

blizzard, please correct this error. i almost gave up diablo because of this

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