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01/04/2013 06:58 PMPosted by Zaxxon23
because any item can drop from any monster, you must farm where the monster density is highest, so you can get as many items per run as possible.Where does this leave us? Either in the Vault of the Assassin or the second half of Act III.

Very valid point. Ultimately, it seems to me the best solution would be to smooth out mob density across the game rather than focus specific areas for specific items. But it's probably not as simple as I'm making it out to be.

It's exactly that simple.
01/04/2013 02:41 PMPosted by vortic
Guess what your solution does? It forces players to farm the areas that have the highest mob density out of a much smaller part of the game where that item can drop. You are not adding choice, you are drastically reducing it.

Right now, your only choices are VotA and Act III. How would having to go somewhere else every once in a while make things worse?

Having to go somewhere else once in a while? I think you mean permanently. You're talking about forcing people to farm a very small part of the game for specific items.

I wouldn't be happy if I was after a helm and they only dropped in Caverns of Araneae, Sewers, The Battlefields and the Crystal Collonade. And you think the choice of areas we have now is bad?

You want to visit other areas? Believe it or not you are currently free to farm anywhere, the only disadvantage being a drop in efficiency.

That's exactly the problem I'm trying to address.

See above. The solution to this problem is to even out mob density. Preferably by increasing it everywhere it's lacking rather than lowering it anywhere.

I disagree with this, because that means that players would just simply farm that one spot. That was something that the devs did not want to recreate from D2.

Again, this is true, but "that one spot" will change every time you decide you want to look for something else. And people change their minds a lot

Not really. There is no choice involved in which upgrades you need. If you need a better helm then you need a better helm. And if you're just after gold to buy items from the AH then you will just work out the items that sell for the most and farm there.

What the devs (and I) want is for people to be able to decide they want to farm in Act 2 today and be able to do so without suffering any major disadvantages.

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