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Demon Hunter
Recently started getting back into the game. Looking for some input on what I should be looking to upgrade/change on my DH

edit: forgot http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Amiran-1964/hero/3470971
What is your budget..?

Anyways, sharpshooter isnt as useful as it was imo. Trash mobs are more tankier, and Elites are more squishier, so it isnt about the burst dps anymore. Need sustained dps, so i recommend dropping ShS and getting crit hit chance.

Along with substanance.... increase your eHP so you wont be instagibbed in inferno. somewhere along the lines of 300k eHP is good for mp0. Just need enough to tank a few shots to be able to regain life by gloom. Your armor is in a good spot but your resall is lacking. Aim to get 300 res, and 40k hp.
To help us help you, it will be helpful if you post these requirements below

1. Budget
2. Low or high MP levels
3. Solo or group play
4. Fast paragon leveling or farming
5. Glass canon, tank, or hybrid
6. Specific builds you want to use

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