Which follower to use?

Demon Hunter
I created a thread earlier asking about companion but honestly I meant follower (appreciate the comments on the companion though).

Which follower should I be using? I'm just finishing up Act 4 Inferno and starting to farm for gold/gears.
Scoundrel has the best personality and I think the 3% crit chance is the most useful although the Templars hatred regen is really good. If your playstyle is that you don't want to get hit it's also really cool to have a Windforce on the Scoundrel because he knocks back like crazy or a cold damage bow/ring/ammy for the snare. I facetank so I dropped the WF I used to use on my scoundrel but I used to have one on him and it was pretty cool.
I like sorceress. She can add attack speed, and has good crowd control skills.

For me most important thing is to have follower boost my magic and gold find. Sorceress can wield grand vizier which adds a lot of both.
They all offer something useful. The Hatred regen for Inspire is very handy. It let me skip the bat, if I wanted to do something else. He is very good a blocking access in tight spaces like doorways and in tunnels, while you sit back and pound away.

Never died at 113k HP and in fact still has not died at ~88k running MP4 farming. I took away some ring and gave him Leoric and Hellfire. He is running with all found gear that he has had for some time.

Maybe after 100 I will try some of the other followers.

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