Give a Legendary to Poster above you on Xmas

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Wizard Community,

Lets show the other classes how awesome we are and bring some holiday spirit in the D3 Forums.

Secret Santa Style :)


Item must Not be Identified! (Its like unwrapping presents!)
On Xmas message the person above you and deliver the present under his/her chest :)
Milk and Cookies are appreciated; but not required.
If you post more than once, you are responsible for the person above both posts (But you'll be getting two presents X)


I'll give one to the last poster since I am first.
I will give you the first Ivory I have !
novice, i nvr find legds, but you got one for xmas for sure! i'll try my best to make sure its not an automatic brimstone :)!
Dont worry ace, I'll get you a nice legendary since you cant find one...
i'll see what i can get. whatever the first unid legend, i'll give it to macallan. if it's set, who's macallan? lulz
Hey guys i'm gonna be 'home alone' this X-mas cos my mom is going on a cruise with her boyfriend and my dad has new family. Feel pity and give me a 9 mempo.

I should change my name to shamless.:P Seriously Im gonna go to my brothers house and friends and will play a lot of Diablo now that the warden is gone.mmwahaha merry christmas indeed!

Pich I'll add u this morning and ive u first UNID leg i find
If I get my first Unid Mempo, its all yours buddy.

Otherwise i'll be sure to get you something decent. I get alot of EFs and Lacuni.

These are being given out on Christmas (or a reasonable time nearby) correct?
My first legendary that I find tomorrow on mp10 will be yours.

Edit: @kieble
Didn't see that either, I got to stop browsing at 4 in the morning. I'll save something good in t hat case.
right at ya magnus, but i'm going out of town this weekend, so it might be till monday before I get one!


OOPS, didn't see wait till Christmas to give the legendary. Sorry, but I got a ilvl 63 for ya magnus so far :)
All I want is a horadric hamburger for christmas.
Im in

Warath I hopes it a decent one for you.. I will add you tonight.

Would you like fries and a drink with that??
I haven't found a useful leg in a while, so I'm due. Maybe promising it to someone else will change my (their) luck!

Thanatos it is!

Update: So far I've found a Dawn and an Ivory Tower! I can feel your luck turning around already!

Hopefully I find something Wizard worthy between now and then, or if you have an alt character you are building, I can save something for them instead.

Update Part Two: Electric Boogaloo - Christmas came early this year for Thanatos, and he liked what Santa brought him!
Nice post! I'm farming for a leggie to Drayven right now.
Hey Baron...
Better be nice cause Santa's watching!

Adding you today buddy.
What do you want little boy?
Got you Scott! I'll give you a leg I get :)
@Drayven Just found yours:
Too bad it's a Mojo and not a Wizard source...
Hope you get good rolls to sell it a huge price. (:

Farming for you. Hope you get better luck. (:
This is a great idea :)

Hope my luck is good Baron!
you get a new dawn
If you are giving me a twilight movie, I hope you get a Gidbinn. :D

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