Give a Legendary to Poster above you on Xmas

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alright aerythus keep your fingers crossed that i even find one, given my luck
i can give u plenty legendaries..the question is: who will give me a nice legendary for a wizard?:D
Well, I just landed a (hopefully) nice unidentified legendary for Thanatos....

Now I can start looking for Witto. I hope I can find something wizard appropriate for him as well.

Edit to address posts below (without reposting).

First, you can repost, with the understanding that you are then committed to find another legendary for the poster above your second post as well. I did this once already (in this post as a matter of fact) after I found a nice legendary source for Thanatos!

Second, if you DO post a second time, please acknowledge that you are aware of the fact that you are now committed to find something for a second person.

C, and please understand, this is not my thread, nor idea, but I agree, you should be at level 60 to participate, and you have to be on the US servers since we can't swap items back and forth to different realms.
Ho Ho Ho Drayven, Ill try to get you something good this year
was nice playing with u guys:) waiting for my xmas gift;P:D
I'll play along.

Witto - u double posted.

netazure, you get my first leg or set that I get from now until Xmas.

Um, Robhavoc below...thanks for the gesture....but you're level 3 lol.

How about only lvl 60+ can participate?
Fingers crossed Ryoka
This sounds fun!
This does sound fun.

Anyways, got you a lovely gift today, Jim. ^_^
would an Un ID Cindercoat be accepted?
Haha this is cool. I'll start hunting a present for the person above me :O)
just to clarify- the item should be unidentified, so that the recipient gets an unopened present..

and if you are thinking of giving the gift of cindercoat... remember all the clothes you got for christmas and never wore...

SKIP me for now since i already posted and have not swapped gifts yet. i just wanted to comment. (and bump)
Let's see what I can get ya. ` - ` )
I am new to the Wizard forums! But I get tons of goodies and willing to share the wealth WOOP WOOP.

Helm you are in for a treat :)
I'll try, have to find a block of playtime first.

I'll have something at least.

Edit: Just found my first for a while, cloak it seems to be.
I'm giving mine out before Christmas, might not be online then.

Fingers crossed BDF, hope it will be good :D
i'm down to do this give 1st leg i get on that day or last one day before to person above
i am not in same time zon so prendt might be eary or latet adding you
yes this is my 2nd post, making macallan and dragonborn1 my legendary posters.

just a shout out that i'll be leaving for HK (not related to audi's get together thing) for a vacation and will be back by december 26 midnight (making it december 25 for western countries/asian country here myself)

aimless, add me already: pichapiegal#6638

i'll have to farm for dragonborn now @_@; already got one for macallan.

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