Unblock = Input Limit Reached

Bug Report
I had a lot of friend requests and most of them are duplicates, all from suspecting gold-selling websites.
I've been in hopes of getting rid of them forever but, of course, no luck...
I have used Report Spam and Block Communication to remove their names from my Friend Request List.

One night, I thought maybe because of the list of the Blocked Names might be reached its limit so I decided to unblock all of those names on my Block List and thought I would just do Report Spam whenever there's the annoying friend request.

By attempting to unblock the list one by one in a series of consecutive clicks, I got "Game Input Limit Reached."

Hopefully, it'll be addressed and also hopefully the already reported spams will never reappear by the EXACT SAME NAMES.
they will. blizzard isn't banning those gold sellers for some reason.

I've had "blizzard01" (really? they don't ban that battletag?) message me 3 times in a 2 week period saying i was "using illegal addons" and should visit some sketchy website. Reported him each time, and nothing happened.

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