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Witch Doctor
Hello to all my fellow witch doctors out there.
I've been really into this build and playstyle since 1.0.3 and am finally in a position to show off my build (and gear) and explain why I chose it. I can't take full credit for creating the build, but I have tinkered with it for a long time and like to call it my own.
As most D3 players will tell you, speed is the key to farming, regardless of MP or MF, whats most important is killing things fast to create a volume of drops, and to increase the likelyhood of getting legandaries (hopefully not brimstones).
So of course, this build aims to speed you through your runs as fast as possible.
First ill give an explanation of the skills and passives, then an explanation of my gear choices and purposes, then finally ill give a brief description of how to use the build. I run this build on mp 7 without a hiccup, but obviously your gear will dictate what mp you choose to run on.
I can also say that this build is not neccesarily the most effective for mp8/9/10 IMO.

As far as skills goes there are some staples, and some personal choices
The staple skills in this build are :
Spirit walk with Jaunt rune, this helps you avoid damage, and gives a nice boost to movement speed
Horrify with Stalker rune, although this scares away enemies, its purpose is to bump your move speed by 20% for 4 seconds
Soul Harvest with Vengeful Spirit , almost every WD uses SH in thier build for the obvious DPS buff, but vengeful spirit is the rune of choice for this build because its spell that has no cast animation, meaning u can cast this without stopping, if your dps is nice and high this means u can cruise right through a group of enemies, cast SH without stopping and usually one shot them and continue on your way.

The rest of the skills u use are really up to you, but my personal opinion is that widowmakers make a nice primary to keep mana flowing on higher mps, bears do the most amount of damage, but can easily be switched to acid rain, and Big Bad Voodoo with slam dance rune helps u tear through elite packs in matters of seconds.

Passive skills
Grave Injustice This passive is gunna let u cast Spirit Walk and Horrify as often as possible as long as your killing(each kill grants -1s off all cooldowns), meaning u can almost always have those really effective movement speed bonus's. GI is also gunna give u a nice amount of mana and hp regen as u kill mobs. additionally if u use BBV GI will tick the cooldown off that much faster.
Gruesome Feast This passive is going to bump your DPS like crazy! although the dps increase doesnt last long, you'll be running full tilt using SW and Horrify so much that the dps boost helps immensely, globes will also buff your mana regen and hp regen
Spirit Vessel, this passive is frowned upon by some, and ive even seen it refered to as a "crutch", but heres my reasoning for using this : its gunna give u an additional 2 second cooldown reduction on SW, horrify and SH. Additionally if you get carried away against a reflect mob you get almost a "second life", which can come in handy on higher mps

Now for the gear: Ive spent a lot of time figuring out where to get more PUR without having to sacrifice dps or survivability, and it comes down to this : Your gunna want to get PUR on your belt, boots, shoulders, and chest. This isnt necessarily the cheapest endeavour, but if your savvy with your buying its not that expensive. To compliment the PUR off of those pieces, your gunna want to buy a nice Thing of the Deep, i recommend one with 230 or more average damage, and 200+ int. if your crit dmg is really high ur gunna want one with 8.5 crit chance, but an 8.0 one is still gunna be good.

when it comes to getting movement speed off your gear, i highly suggest you grab a Zuni boot + an Innas Pants. zuni boots can roll PUR + decent stats, innas pants CAN roll PUR but not PUR + int, which is why i suggest just buying a nice innas pants with no PUR.
Some players may want to buy a Lacuni bracer over the Innas pants, and thats fine, it all depends on where u want to sacrifice survivability ; pants or bracer, and of coursehow much money u have to spend.

Those 5 pieces of gear will give u well over 40 yards of pickup radius for both GI and GF (GI also grants a bonus 8 yards) , which means that u can be running past your enemeis while stopping for just enough time to cast a cple waves of bears or acid rain and continue on your way, because your radius is so large you will still proc GI and will be able to cast SW and Horrify as often as possible to keep your movement speed up, and your farming blazing fast.

Well thats my farming build for the community to examine, if you have any questions feel free to ask here , or you can PM me @ HashAssassin#1855.
Ty for writing that. However I am seriously considering giving up my +6PUR on my chest for equivalent armor and 120+ vitality.

I will change my rune on horrify to speed, though. Ty
wow... looks alot like my build that i posted 2-3 weeks ago... just less explaining in the basics on my part
having PUR on all those pieces is not neccessary, but i gotta tell you, with 52 yards on GI my radius covers almost my entire screen, and in a group setting it becomes super helpful, especially if ur trying to keep up with a really good WW/zerker barb. One of my favorite things about all the PUR is all the gold u pickup without having to be anywhere near it lol!

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