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when he spins and gets frozen, he's still doing mad damage as its actually still spinning.

is this a bug?

should be. what's frozen can't spin!
shameless bump

Same thing happens on stun....kinda whack.
yeah i noticed the warden become much more difficult to kill since it keeps attacking. As well, I thought Mortar had a minimum range, but often I get hit even when I'm standing pretty much beside him.
Act 2 Key Warden is the most difficult of the 3 to put down and is very stingy dropping a key.
as dh just range him from off the screen and he won't come after you
as a monk use wol to stun before he gets the chance to spin & use serenity
as wd....this i haven't figure out yet
as a barb...well you are a BARB...OP this shouldn't be a problem
as a wiz...i don't play wiz so yeahhhhhh...
when he spins, he gains reflect. Don't attack him when he is spinning and you'll be fine. This may mean you can't use some attacks, as they will be slowed down from missile dampening, and hit him while he is spinning.
12/31/2012 04:05 PMPosted by DEATHLOCK
as wd....this i haven't figure out yet

Or, when you see the edge of his slow field, just shoot darts into the centre from the extreme edge of the screen, when you get it right, you'll see the electric sparks coming out, just keep shooting him until the field disappears, go collect loot.
Unless another monster moves in from that direction, and attracts your pets, the keywarden will just die off screen,
Yes, that's exploiting the fact the the NPC's have a very short aware distance, but since he's bugged anyway, seems fair.
WD here. I usually get close enough to drop Vengeful Spirit, back off, let my minions keep him busy while I lay down Rain of Toads. When reflect pops up, Spirit Walk with Jaunt or Heling Journey does the trick.

Also bears. Lot's of bears.
12/31/2012 04:07 AMPosted by Knightmare65
Act 2 Key Warden is the most difficult of the 3 to put down and is very stingy dropping a key.

I found the forth one is the hardest(NOT hardest, just takes more EFFORT), but no one has to redo him once the plans drop.

From using all 3 of my inferno characters, none really is more difficult than another, other than the difficulties associated with the forth one (getting 5 stacks of NV is a hassle) which everyone will ignore once they get the plans. So really how hard is that?

In my view any player suggesting one of ac1-3 keywardens is more difficult is looking through rose colored glasses from their own playstyle. Not everyone plays like you, get over it and admit you have difficulty with one of the wardens.

It would of been better to post in a class specific forums and ask for help, rather than try and get concensus about one particular warden being "harder".
y, as a dh, this warden is pretty much a piece of dead meat......
WD+hex=GG warden.

unless, of course, there is an elite pack around but you can just kite the pack away and kill it and return for the warden.
its not a bug really its how it was designed. When it is spinning it is immune to stun (freeze) and death. Even if you can kill it will still spin then die. Basically it started the attack and needs to finish if you stun (freeze) it attack is paused so don't try to stun of freeze it when it is spinning.

For monk and barb just attack and kit and so on... watch out for those fireball they do more damage then the spin.

For dh it takes a bit of time to kill but just shoot from off the screen (like a lot have said) you will see sparks they you know you are hitting. Or you can use spike trap, caltrop, cluster arrow and fan of knives to kill it fast.

For wiz and wd its a hard time cause when you are in range you are also in its range.

For wiz and wd its a hard time cause when you are in range you are also in its range.

Really? Never noticed this using my WD or Wiz. It has to be a ymmv thing.
as a wd, i just use hex and turn him into a pig, then i can become invulnerable up to 3 sec or horrify him and make him run like a lil b#tch....keywarden act2 is not a pb at all!


there is all sorts of "wrong" with Act2 Keywarden.

1. his attack can delay. especially his death/death animation
2. indirect attacks from pets/henchman have been theorized to glitch his key drop.
3. there is another possible "bug" based on what part of the act you start (ie: Assasins Vault to Oasis and having Kuul in party)
4. if all is working as intended. (blizz), he is THE most stingy of the drop.

and last but not least.

5. he's one tough bugger to put down (i like the challenge myself), but many do not.

i'm sure he will be looked at, at some point


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