How much is the Wizard above you worth?

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Lost track at 600m. Wouldn't be surprised if over 1.5b

Lost track at 600m. Wouldn't be surprised if over 1.5b

I honestly dont even know how much my gear is worth at this point. I've definitely spent well over 1b on upgrades over time, but havn't recently added up the value of my current gear. Oh the joys of the endless pursuit for best in slot cm gear haha.
edit got sniped lol.
@Phal I'm prolly way low but 240mil?

If he only had 3 pieces of gear, lol, maybe four...and you can pick any 4 and interchange them.
Yea I knew I was way off ;)
@Smiltstomb : 30 - 50mil

800-996.4 mill
@yori I'm going to say... 80-100m?

Lacuni and neck only things really worth something.
@senko 30-50m
Total like 600
01/01/2013 07:58 PMPosted by CowHOR
Total like 600

Guessing not more than 100 mil?




Don't even know where to start counting. Your amy alone is worth a ton. Would your gear fall in the 1-2 bil range?
@ Vicc

400-500 million - might be off a bit though as I'm not completely familiar with CM gear prices.

Edit: my gems aren't updated - they're radiants.
2-4b worth of gold

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