Rate the Doc.

Witch Doctor

Give a number out of 10 and give a reason for your rating.
Suggest improvments to gear or skill set.
Do not skip or ask to be rated, rate the guy above you and take your turn.


decent dps, good defence. average health
helm, glove can use some upgrade.
LOH.... hmm, not very good in high mp.

Not sure I follow, 1640 LOH serves me well at mp10...
9/10 pbey
could use a better zuni chest
10/10 Ryan

Nice WD! Suggest improvments to gear or skill set... i cannot.
@kojin >> i love the burger 10/10 for u
sweet...9/10 for your WD gear. 0/10 for your scamming skills.
Sorry IPawnU I do not know enough to accurately rate your gear. I hit lvl 60 2 days ago and a few friends helped me gear a few items they had laying around. This is my first WD so please add suggestions to your scoring. Thanks to all posters I have been learning alot.

Oopps forgot to ask for advice on the build also.

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