nats set bonus

was thinking about running nats ring and boots
what are your thoughts

youll cause more problems than you solve getting the 7% CC.

first gotta get your barb to 60 tho-
No reason to. You can get 18% crit just from ruthless, axe/mace weapon master, and battle rage. Crit on gear isn't exactly hard to get either. I don't have any crit on my bracers or helm and I'm still over 50% crit with battle rage up.
why not? it works great on me:)
rocks on barb if you can get the right stats on them, nats boots roll basicly the same as ik boots, and nats ring rolls with attack speed so if you get one with str and cc or cd would be a huge dps increase . unless your rollin in trifecta gear. but thats a good cheap way to get 7cc . imo works wonders with a hota build, i hardly ever see white numbers.
01/03/2013 03:21 PMPosted by xEliteSky
why not? it works great on me:)

Those boots are terrible though. You can spend 100k and get better IK boots than that. The ring can be good, but good ones are really expensive too.

I just think that for the money you'd spend you can do better.
I gave it a lot of thoughts but couldn't find the right one for me. Anyway it looks much better than a pair of BLUE boot.
I think u dont know how expensive cc is. u got 7% cc free is not bad at all. check out prices of mempo of twilight. cc mempos r realy expensive. i used to use a pair of ice climbers b4 but it did not have MS on it then i found this nats set bonus with MS on the boots. it works really well on me:). one more thing : the more cc u get, the more fury generation you have. BTW my set is a combination of really good sets. it gives me like 60 AR, 100 VIT, 7 CC, and reduced dmg form melee attacks by 10% bonus in total. not bad right:)
I don't use them cause the boots are ugly on my barb. I have a 200+ str nat ring I found and tried it out not much dps increase and you lose a lot of vit. course if you want str you will never get vit.
get an andariels visage

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