How about Rend in HC? My thoughts..yours too?

I don't understand the point of this post. Yeah it's not as hard to clear the game on inferno now, but you can up the difficulty. Of course there's not an amazing reason to do so, but there's also no good reason to even roll HC in the first place. It's about the challenge of survival. If you want more challenges, see if you can beat inferno on MP1. If not, then congrats: you won the game.
You're build is what I classify as a "survival build"... Rend, Revenge, Inspiring Presense, Tough as nails, etc. etc...

Although it is easy to progress through Inferno with this build, and not having to have top notch gear, it is rather boring and not very efficent for farming.

What excites me is running through mobs and destroying my enemies in seconds, completeing all of act 3 in about an hour, and getting Massive Massacres (To toot my own horn I had a 129 monster massacre in Inferno act 3 last night). Where as Rend and Revenge are more of a staying on the outskirts of enemies and kiting them along as they slowly die... As you alluded to you have to have cetain gear to do the sprint WW build, but it is by far the fastest and most devestating of the builds.

You are on my friends list from a previous post looking for farming buddies, I havent hit you up because I have quite a few friends now that invite me to their games as soon as I get on, but we should get together and maybe do a run, possibly tonight. None the less not throwing stones at rend, but your OP was how we feel about that skill, and to be honest I never used it once during my leveling or since I hit 60... Seemed like the "easy way out". If you see me on, feel free to hit me up. We usually have a spot for one more person.
I love rend. Used the exact same build as you for my HC barb, except I used Bash/Onslaught instead of cleave. Ground Stomp/Wrenching Smash is probably my favorite skill and rune combo in the game so far.

Too bad I got really really cocky in Depths 2 with my barb. Since I was barely taking any damage and ran into a group of fallen maniacs with ground stomp on cool down because there were many skeletons I had already engaged. I did survive the initial couple blasts and thought I was going to make it, then 3 more maniacs came running out from a doorway and did me in.

I have a really bad habit of getting myself into situations I can't handle but think I can. hah.
Just wanted to share my *minor* victory with the public as many do when they survive Inferno on HC. I agree the game has been watered down and enemies don't hit nearly as hard as they used to, and I wish I could say I completed the game on HC a month after launch, but a victory is a victory and I just wanted to talk about it a bit.

I wanted to mess with Rend ever since they buffed it and I was happy to see I had a risk free adventure through HC while using it, and I just wanted to let people know how easy it is to get a game clear when using a similar build and gear. I know WW/Sprint is the way to go once I can gain some that elusive crit chance, but good AH gear is scarce and quite expensive when not finding 1d12h and 1d11h fire-sale style deals.

Sorry I actually removed you from my friends list, as a have a few friends I play with and have read many PK horror stories involving game kick and other lame tactics. Though you seem like a legit and dedicated player, (more dedicated than me at least lol), I am not very trusting of the HC public at the moment and prefer to roll with people I know in the outside world. I appreciate the feedback and friend request though and would like to play sometime, I just need to get over my trust issue lol.
Congrats on clearing HC, Vigilante, although I view your post as a bit of a contradiction:

You seem discontented by your ability to faceroll Inferno content, but your practice of AH flipping and your reliance on Rend lead me to believe that you enjoy the path of least resistance. Rend is OP... that is very old news my friend... that skill single-handedly turned my Barb from dead-man-walking into one-man-army in 1.04. My Barb could probably still not clear Inferno without it.

I'm not singling you out, Vigilante. I just find it funny that people who complain about the lack of challenge are so unwilling to try more challenging builds. My 2 cents.
It's not that I'm unwilling to try other builds, but that so far this was the best build for me with my current resources. I also believe Rend is OP and wanted to share my experience with it as a dominant skill for HC Inferno. Sorry if I'm a bit contradictory in my posts, I was pretty drunk last night/this morning lol.
Rend is a good skill for a Barb. That's my take on it. Now is it OP or not? I see Barbs die all the time... You figure it out.


PS: Sorry if I come out a bit harsh but I'm about to vomit if I see another thread about "Insert Class Here" is OP or Under-Powered. Really....

PPS: Nothing personal mate.
Seems legit. His itemization has a high concentration of low demand stats. It's possible he farmed mp0 act 3 a bunch of times and hit a few million here and there, allowing the flips to begin. That's not an extremely expensive set.

Very good perspective about DC death being a form of RNG. I've been saying the same thing to random whiners since 1.03. Hardcore is like a NL holdem tournament. Sometimes you will get a bad beat, your aces cracked by kings. Nothing you can do about it except play well consistently, so that when it does happen to you, you still have enough big blinds to rebuild your chip stack. It is no different from playing a long time and getting a very consistently poor drop rate multiple standard deviations below your average player.

I also really like Friendzie's perspective. There's no amazing reason to roll hardcore in the first place. Well, the economy used to be the reason, but HC and SC economies are starting to look very similar now with how easy the game has become. There are alot of players who still do play on higher mp levels, who think that is the only reason to keep playing this game. Not everyone is able to have fun grinding paragon levels. But even if you only play on higher mp levels, there is still an acceptable level of risk/reward. For example, I often do act2 mp6 in a group with friends, but none of us have ever thought to attempt belial. I'm not gonna sit here and tell people that playing lower mp levels isn't real hardcore, while skipping Belial is. Meanwhile, there are some crazies like Celeese who actually solo mp10... with fraps lag on.

Everyone should just play the way they want to play. Whatever lets this game keep its appeal longer... like any other game, it gets harder and harder to log in over time as it grows older.

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