Attack speed Demon Hunter ?

Demon Hunter
Is it possible to play Attack speed Demon Hunter and still beat inferno or until act 3?
MP0? I dont see why not.
how many attack speed u mean? and what mp?
yeah Attack speed Demon Hunter is the best
Wtf is an attack speed DH?
I guess it means stack crit chance and attack speed; instead of the usual crit chance and crit damage especially on jeweleries. Yeah, you can finish MP0 no problem, not sure about higher MP.
high AS and Crit Chance and no Crit Damage will net you about 20-50k DPS MAYBE. Anyways.. it can do even up to MP10. IT CAN, didn't say it will be efficient though.

With high CC you'd be able to perma gloom due to your high AS too. So you won't die unless you get stupid ^_^ Granted you have the mitigation and HP to back that up.

I built like that already, 99/109% ASPD, LoH and high Resist and HP. pretty much standing around killing stuff without dying.
I would say I am an "Attack Speed Demon Hunter" and I farm on MP5 and fight ubers on MP6-7. It's no MP10 but I think it could be done.
ias+cc+stun bola = da best

I did it already with my TankyDH.

Believe me, you'd see your HP drop fast but is regained back every tick of a second. Its just insane. Gives you that "feeling" of cheating death too. >_<

3 Attacks per Second
Cluster Grenades
Chain of Torment x3
Spike Trap x6
Mark of Death - Mortal Enemy an Enemy
Caltrops - Jagged Spikes(your choice)
Shuriken/Gloom(your choice)

Since CoT is dependent on DAMAGE only and not on CRIT DAMAGE, it'll do wonders, also, having LoH and LS(if you get Gloom), those will also be proc'ed by Chain of Torment.

Passives are Nightstalker, Custom and 1 of your choice. To reach 3APS, you might need to use 1hXBow + DML.

Zuni Boots(Legacy) or Ashaera's Track if you're on a budget, 9% Lacuni, 20% AS DML, 9% Gloves, 9% Jewelries, Mempo/Andy, Tal Rasha/Beckon Sail, Inna Pants, WH. Calamity.

Pretty much that..

As for what ChangWu added.. get a Stun Gloves or Freeze Amulet.. or both.. with WH having Chance to Freeze.. You'd be amazed how still things are >_<
Yeah, "speed DHs" are possible, and fun to play. Get ~3 APS with a ~50% WF and Shock Collar, and never worry about elites getting in your face again =)
(For the rare mob and bosses, use the stun bola)
Whit 2.75 attack speed help me very much :)! and around 200.000k dmg and much Crit :)

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