Sacrificers Assemble!

Witch Doctor
I would like to compile a list of EU and US Sacrifice Dogtors. Please put on your 0dog gear with best gems (purple in helm), update D3 Ranking, and post your 1. unbuffed DPS 2. EHP and 3. Heroscore here.

This will hopefully draw up a roster of all Dogtors - feel free to use this thread as a place for general 0dog discussion as well as find other Sacrificers to party with.

Further, a list of the top 0dog users should hopefully inspire other WDs to try it out, and educate wrt gearing for Sacrifice.

Ta ///


Travar#1656: DPS Unbuffed: 160,908.36. EHP Unbuffed: 620,735. Heroscore: 14,772
House#2754: DPS Unbuffed: 120,867.86. EHP Unbuffed: 794,479. Heroscore: 12,956
Sensation#2547: DPS Unbuffed: 116,328.95. EHP Unbuffed: 700,742.
xobot#2671: Heroscore: 9,546
steffan#2612: DPS Unbuffed: 88,127.89. EHP Unbuffed: 641,032. Heroscore: 9,360
Pimpslapper#2788: DPS : 80,763.40. EHP: 423,489. Hero 8,082
ZeMickey#2613: DPS 50,565.69. EHP 341,602. Heroscore: 6,765


juju#6769 DPS Unbuffed: 115,547.42. EHP Unbuffed: 538,177. Heroscore: 11,587
SimplMasheen#1766: DPS Unbuffed: 109,666.62. EHP Unbuffed: 439,842. Heroscore: 10,899
America - SimplMasheen#1766 DPS Unbuffed 109,612 EHP: 433,047 / Elites +28/-11
What is heroscore?
hey it takes into account ehp dps resource and life replenishment, and can be seen on the D3 rankings site :)

nvm got ya. very nice dogtor you have there ^^
where are all the sacrificers ^^
I don't have money to buy my cooldown reduction gear :(. Damn you rich people.
juju #6769
DPS Unbuffed: 115,547.42
EHP Unbuffed: 538,177
Heroscore: 11,587

existing 0dog list thread:
updated Kinda ashamed to list down mine now. lol.

Anyway, here's my dogtor set as of today:

DPS unbuffed: 92,830.64
EHP unbuffed: 464,922
Heroscore: 9,847
US Server

heyguyslol#1302: DPS Unbuffed: 154,957.42. EHP Unbuffed: 638,912. Heroscore: 12,668

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