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i've sold 5 legendaries this past week which have cleared but no money sent to my paypal account. I bought 1 item yesterday and the money was taken out of my paypal account just fine, why is it the money only goes 1 way?
I put in a ticket and the GM that responded gave me a link to a locked forum post, how is that suppose to help me? Im missing a few hundred bucks here, chump change to blizzard but its my money and i want it. any update on the matter? should we all just stop using RMAH for now?

I have same experience as you. and yes it only goes 1-way, tried to buy gold for 1 dollars and it's fine, while several payment didn't reach my paypal.

Personally I suggest to stick with Battle.net account, I have no problem receiving money there, you can keep flip and spin your stuff that way. It's better than stop using RMAH entirely.

Blizzard didn't deny there's problem, nor does they throw responsibility to paypal, this kind of problem not going to be solved in several days. Specially since it come in bad time, just when some of their staff on holiday.
12/24/2012 07:21 PMPosted by Squeal
Specially since it come in bad time, just when some of their staff on holiday.

bad time indeed, but when its real money involved you would think there would be more communication on their end, not to mention this has gone on for more then a week now.
I can't believe a company like this would have this kind of problem, how come the problem never favors the customers? you better believe that if it was blizzard not receiving the money, it would be fixed the same day.
"LOL... if blizzard not receiving the money"

THEY WILL NEVER not receiving the money though. Dream on.

Anyway, there are some problem with the RMAH though since 17th December 2012.

1. Item not listed in search. (Not all item not listed in search but randomly few)
2. Item sell thru paypal payment stuck for some reason.

I think no 2 and no 1 kinda related in theory the RMAH seem to have some bug error redirecting the item listed and automation of payment gateway from blizzard to paypal.

Definitely some code error on going there that cause it to failed. Or changes of new hardware due to previous one fail for some reason.

Anyway, contacted blizzard. Wrong timing like everyone say. Holidays season, all payment need to wait till the next working day or till the resolve the RMAH. I think most likely after New Year.
i have the same experience too, sold 10 items since Dec.19 but till now nothing was sent to my paypal account =( RAGE!!!

1. Item not listed in search. (Not all item not listed in search but randomly few)

Yes its happening again.. old bugs that got resurrected.. Listed items on rmah not showing up simply reduce its durability by equipping it suicide relist fixed.

12/24/2012 03:05 PMPosted by Omrakos
we're working on an issue currently with PayPal users not receiving their funds for sold auctions yet and the status there is the same as far as I know. The appropriate parties have been informed and are aware of the problem. When I hear anything, I'll be sure and pass it on. Until then, repeatedly making posts about it in here isn't helping.

12/24/2012 03:05 PMPosted by Omrakos
No one's going to lose their money for a sold auction, the process is simply being delayed.
this response does not necessarily address the fact that we also bought items/gold with our money and have yet to receive them. The money from our paypal is gone already. The process of review is completed. They items/gold just simply never showed up in the completed items section.
4:25 PM 12/27

Finally getting some payments in the last few minutes, hopefully they all come through by tonight for everyone.

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