Need help with this build.

Witch Doctor
with what i have i can do MP0-5 pretty easy. 6-8 isnt that bad but i do die some. 9-10 is a slaughter fest. Im not sure if my gear needs to change or it is the skills i use.

I don't think i am a tank with this build but i want to make my way there.

Any suggestions?
91k DPS and 41k health
I would take out that GI and swap it for either Spirit Vessel or Jungle Fort. (I Use SV)

Your gear is decent also but definitely need some upgrade for higher MP.

When you get the gold, upgrade your rings and amulets.

Your rings need average damage, CC and CD. (Zuni pox with CC can be expensive, average damage is a good alternative.

Your amulet is poor because it lacks CC and Average damage. Try to find a rare amulet with similar stats. Try this: 30~+ Average damage, 150~+ INT, 7%+CC, 45%+ CD w/ VIT it can be expensive.

Your weapon: It is lacking a socket, for higher MP, LS skorn is actually REALLY good. (The extra LS helps a lot) But if you can't afford a nice LS skorn or if you don't like 2H. You can replace that weapon with a rare 1h with similar damage LS, INT, CD and OS.

For Higher MP I have mana issues sometimes, I like to use a Mana regen Zuni vision over my CC one. You can try to get another zuni vision with similar stats with MR.

I don't use GI or GF for higher MP. There fore I don't need TotD, I like using Uhk Serpent for its high average damage and other stats.

Hope this helps.

P.S If you are having issues with RD affix mobs at higher MP, try to squeeze Horrify: Frightening aspect into your skill bars. It will help you out tremendously.

I will look at the rings and ammy in the AH.
ar and armor too low... and i think 100k dps is not enough for mp 9 or 10...
I think right now i have a good set of gear. I just need to keep saving for the next step up.

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