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Demon Hunter
I thought this would be an interesting thread.

So I'll start, I got the chest on my DH for 100k B/O when it was at 1d12h remaining. I was like... jaw drop.

Anyone else?
My manticore and DML aren't amazing, but I picked them both up for a mil on bid, cheapest BIN of similar items was 2 mil and up.
I payed ~150m for my belt. and I won my amulet on bid at 70m
50m B\O on my quiver
13 mil B/O on my Manticore.
35 mil bid on my chest.

Edit: sold Manti for 46 mil
I bid 58M for my innas temperance (100dex 139vit 9%AS 12%MS 1%CC) and won it at 47M
I think it was a solid deal :P

ps. I will pay u double what u paid for that Embrace DonDraper :P
14m for my chest armor

14x dex, 9x vit, +8max dis, but no AR
Well, it was the AR or the disc, vit, or extra dex, right?

14m for my chest armor

14x dex, 9x vit, +8max dis, but no AR
150m for 224 dex 6/6 legacy Zuni boots, resold for 1 billion gold.
bought my left ring for 2m
Found my occulus ring for free ;)

Got my boots for 450k on a B/O 1d12h
16m for my bow
30m for my nat chest ... all at the time were going for 100m or more with good dex/vit. At the time I was gold poor and had to borrow 20m from a friend to buy it.
200k for nats embrace. I think somebody forgot a zero in the B/O box.
~1m for a 391dex devil tongue
200k for my dex shield

2-3rd highest dex in the world
trifecta + dex gloves for $3 (2m at the time).. when I upgraded, sold them for 40m

nats gaze w soc+ pickup radius 40m

lots of others I can't think of off the top of my head
Amulet for 25m (45 Avg dmg, 161 dex, 7% life, 10% cc, 57% cd)
Gloves for 100m (222 dex, 9% iAS, 8% cc, 30% cd)

Your DH confuses me.

But I find it interesting

i have 4 dhs... the one i play with is "another" the rest are there just to get rank on diabloprogress lol.
By far my gloves were my best deal, got them for 50m.

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