New WW Barb Gear Advice

Just hit 60 last night and looking for advice on upgrades. My current budget is 12mil but I'm thinking of selling my zero dog gear so it could grow to be over 100mil. Looking at doing mp0 for drops and xp but also would like to be able to do high mp for keys. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
For higher MP key runs, you need more ehp and dps. You basically want to do everything with one gear set and running high MP is going to be the most expensive goal. IK boots would get you more AR and vit. Your lacunis are ultrabudget. Either get AR and/or vit or crit. I used ar/vit/str lacunis for a long time before getting the ones I currently use.

25%damage andy's is terrible. If you need andy's for dps then you cannot afford the massive ehp hit that mod is giving you. I would get a non crit str mempo with some bonus stat since the AR/socket will be quite useful.

Get the vit/ar off your rings. You need double dps mods on there. For double nado builds that use an EF, you only 2 slots with 9ias (in your case with .22aps EF) which you can get with mempo/lacunis. You can then load up your rings/gloves with avg dam/str/cc/cd.

Your weapons are quite weak. You need strength or crit on each weapon. With your budget you should be able to get a socket. Getting a new EF with str/LS without socket is cheap.

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