Error 73 and 3003

Technical Support
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damn the population must be way down. the first couple of months this game came out this thread would've been in the hundreds by now.

bring on the QQ!!
wasnt able to log in now i can you guys should try
It is officially up have fun guys and GL!
Damn. Is Philly full of secret D3 players? :P
Wish we could have guilds on here. haha

Tell me I'm not the only chick... lol
thats good to here:)
bah there is alrdy a thread like this on the popular list...
its up!
im in
>.< ugh. Finally got a chance to play after the holidays and now this is happening. frustrating. Error 73 in Louisiana.

Gonna go play the RL version and crack open the Ouija board. XD
philly people friend me
im getting error 3003 when i try to log into game anyone know what that error means... my daughter is playing just fine i was going to help her out and i cant even log in whats going on battle net
This is bull!@#$. I know they make us use battlenet to ostensibly stop hacking, but we all know it was to stop piracy. Which is fine. But keep your god damned servers up then. Spend some of that money you are saving from stopping piracy on keep %^-* running being as noone who bought your game can play when the servers are down.
Back on here in the US good luck to everyone who still cant
for the ones that have been trying and havent been able to play we should get something good for our heros or auction house. A kind of a sorry for messing with your gameplay
Still trying!
Server up near me. Philly people add me too :) just added a couple of you but forgot to add message.
Error 73 here. Trying to connect to US server... Anyone got that too?

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