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TL;DR - Blizzard should directly poll everyone on changes to the game and use the results to decide on what changes to prioritize.

Over on another thread called "Disappointing Blue Posts" in which Lylliria extensively talked about an expansion of CM duties in an effort to make them more effective, the question was asked "What can CMs do to make themselves better?" more or less, I'm paraphrasing.

At some point there was even mention of polling in the thread. Anyway, Blizzard does polling, it's just that it's always like, "If you named your cat after something from the Diablo world, what would it be?"

Blizzard, why not seriously poll like every account on bnet with DIII? Come up with a serious survey with a hundred questions about the game, put it in every players bnet account inbox and have a freaking party with all of the feedback. Just make simple Yes/No/Don't Care questions and fire away. Examples:

1. Are Diablo III character classes well-balanced? Yes/No/DC
2. Do you prefer the addition of skill points? Yes/No/DC
3. Do Paragon levels add significantly to endigame? Yes/No/DC
4. Is there enough item variety? Yes/No/DC

That particular thread had a lot in the way of what developers could do to improve the game, which was beside the point because it was a thread about a CM's roll, but the problem with the CM's and their roll of engaging the community is that so little of it has produced substantive change. Lylliria countered this point in the thread at least twice, but it's pretty basically true that since release, of all the changes made, nothing was particularly big.

Most changes were analogous to putting another condiment on some nasty dish of spoiled oysters or something. No matter how much we love mayo, it's not going to cover the stank of those spoiled shell fish. The bottom line is that the game so sorely needs giant changes, and the fact that the CMs aren't really engaging those conversations really causes a lot of rage. To be sure, when I say big change I mean like, scrapping the skill system (not the skills themselves) and redesigning damage tables and yes, skill points.

I mean making a cinematic to kill off Cain, having some dignity for a main stay of the franchise.

I mean making more than 4 relevant item modifiers.

Blizzard could poll those things directly and get simple statistics and move forward on popular choices. It would be glorious.

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