5 worst games of all time!

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Worst Game of all time:

1) Universal Combat
2) Super Columbine Massacre RPG - I'm not kidding...
3) Daikatana
4) Make My Video
5) Sim Health
6) Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

These are imo the worst of the worst.

Reception of Universal Combat...

The game was reviewed and rated in several print and online game magazines.[36] Metacritic gave it an aggregate review score of 54%.[37] Gamespot scored it 59% and said "This wildly ambitious simulation is torpedoed by an almost incomprehensible interface, the absence of a tutorial, numerous bugs, and many fit and finish issues, including dated production values."[38] Universal Combat was criticized for an unfamiliar interface and voluminous documentation (a manual of over 100 pages, 200-page downloadable appendix, and 80-page downloadable tutorial).
Actually as I reading about some of these games it brings back memories of how horrible movie games were.

Terminator the game for nintendo was hard as hell and horrible
Aliens: it was hard but not horrible but at my age when nintendo and super nintendo came out this game was unbeatable lol

Enter the Matrix: Sucked

Friday the 13th: Nintendo Hard,repetitive,and well just down right impossible for a 6-7 yr old. lol

They still do suck; look at new games based on movies.
Big Rigs Over the Road Racing.
1. Superman (N64) - Worst game as far as strictly gameplay goes. God awful controls, boring and repetitive gameplay, unforgiving gameplay, god awful controls.

2. E.T (Atari) - I think that it's role in the video game crash and downfall of Atari plays a large role in this game making a lot of people's list. Still, it's pretty bad.

I actually have both of those stored away in boxes with a lot of my old games. Ugh...

3. Shaq-fu (Genesis) - Teach my friend to buy a game because some celebrity's name is on it.

4. Legend of Zelda trilogy (CDi) - I never played them but I've watched enough of the gameplay and cutscenes to know it's horrible.

5. Big Rigs (PC) - Another game with horrible controls and terrible physics. But there is some funny stuff in the game like driving at full speed in reverse and going up the side of mountains that makes it not quite as terrible as other games.
1. Populous (SNES)
I've heard the PC version is great, but the SNES port is exactly way God games don;t belong on consoles.
2. Jumping Flash (PSX)
Just...just horrible.
3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)
I know a lot of people like to mention this even if they had not played it, but I was suckered into buying this as a child and still feel hate in my heart for Ultra to this day.
4. Rampage (Atari 2600)
The most boring game I have ever played.
5. Final Fantasy 13
This was a huge letdown, pretty graphics, boring game.
1. Runescape (PC) - Just God awful. Anyone who has played it knows.
2. Left Behind: Eternal Forces (PC)- Just awful. I got it for free which is the only reason I played. Still, it was not worth the 15 minutes of my time.
3. Wing Commander (SNES) - Wow, flying around and having no idea what the hell I'm doing. Not exactly my idea of fun.
4. Falcon 4.0 (PC)- I remember crashing in that game, having a siren go off, and not having any recourse to do anything other than quit the game. Needless to say it went back to the store shortly thereafter.
5. Tomb Raider (PS) - I hate puzzles and getting stuck in areas and having literally no idea what to do next. Boring.
1.) Diablo III
2.) World of Warcraft
3.) World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
4.) World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
5.) World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
6.) World of..... Oh wait, just 5.
Diablo 3
12/15/2012 05:55 PMPosted by Palach
D3 is not even close to the worst game of all time, but it IS the most disappointing game of all time.

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