Brand new 60, best gear/build for 25m budget

Demon Hunter
Getting bored of doing Alk runs on my barb, need to gear up another one of my toons to break the tedium. I tried my monk and it was too much like my Barb. I'm thinking Demon Hunter would be fun, I use to love doing Pony Runs in 1.03.

I'm looking at spending 25m on this guy to start off with. Every Demon Hunter's profile I visit is geared/built differently. I notice alot of Demon Hunter's don't even run 24% movement speed, any reason? Are there any must have legendaries besides the 2pc nat/wep/DML for a smaller budget build?

What would be the best build without spending a ton to farm MP0-2. I don't want to do strafe, too much like my barb.
This link here shows a decent build on a budget... you can basically take this and up the anti on the items for a bit more oompf..

it really comes down to the type of DH you want to roll...

Basically a DH is about doing loads of damage and then some... but you have a variety of builds including stun builds, elemental based builds (fire damage/cold damage etc) and you can focus your items bonuses around this... at the moment i'm running more of a stun build (makes it easier to do key runs and take out elites as they stand there for ages just taking damage).

I also prefer to use a windforce instead of the manticore at a lower level because of knock back and life steal... manticore is awesome for when you really do high damage and you want to run it with 2 sockets and they cost pretty pennies...

I would recommend buying items with good vit, AS and crit (focus both on chance and damage - if you can get both great!)

A good legi/set combo is having 3 pieces of Nats and 2 pieces of Innas (usually belt and legs for Innas) cause that's 260 Dext straight there and they have decent stats everywhere else too... My guy is a little weak health wise but focusing on those upgrades at the moment...

Hope that helps :)

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