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Hi all

I currently have the hard copy of the base version of d3. I currently play on PC.

I just purchased a MacBook Pro and the collectors edition of d3. My question is will I be able to use my current account when I get the Mac, and will I still get the account bound items like the dye and wings if I use my current account or do I need to make a new acct with the collectors edition?

Thanks all

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1. You can play D3 on as many computers as you wish. The game client can be downloaded for free as many times as you want directly from Account Management. What you paid for was the license to access the server. That means you just log in to Account Management on your battle.net account form the new PC and download the correct game client for your Mac. Install, and then log in and play! (Be aware the suspicious login detection system may see this new PC as scary and lock the account for your safety. They will send an email requiring you to re-set your password using your secret question which takes a few minutes)

2. You can upgrade your basic account to the CE version. It is recommended that you have Billing help you do it. You can ask that the CE key be applied and that the basic key be transferred to a different Battle.net account. Have the email for the other account handy when you talk to them or send the ticket.

3. To get the dye and wings you may have to create a new character after the upgrade goes through. .
All that just for buying the CE? I figured if I used the cd key in the CE box during the install, and log into my account I would be set =\

Nothing is ever that simple I guess
Yeah, getting D3 installed on your new PC is very easy but the CE upgrade can be a bit trickier. If you want to keep your current characters then you will want to follow what I suggested.

If you want to create a brand new battle.net account and attach the CE license to it, such as what you described, then you can do that too...but you would be starting over.

To upgrade your existing account to the Collector's Edition and get the existing Standard Edition key transferred to another account so it's not wasted, you need to contact our Billing Department as MissCheetah described.

You won't need to reinstall anything by the way. the game is the same, it's just the account level that changes. New characters you create will get the dyes and wings but you can just move them over to the shared stash so existing characters can get them. Then delete the new character and repeat until all of the characters you want to have the items have them.
Well, actually he will need to install the game again when his new MacBook comes in :) Grats on new computer by the way OP!

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