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Mate as Australians we suffer plenty of disadvantages in this game. We don't have our own server so are forced to play on the US servers and as a result suffer major lag issues. This makes HC an extremely risky proposition. Personally, a large quantity of deaths I suffer in DIII come directly as a result of lag spikes, so I'd be extremely reluctant to start a HC character.

Being stuck with the US server means that we also have to put up with server maintenance always being scheduled during our prime time.

Now you want to begrudge us our own forum? Sounds pretty incredibly selfish to me!!
Btw might as well just do away with Mac technical support, items, games gaming and hardware, heck anything under gaming and entertainment must just be completely useless and honestly is hardly as relevant as an entire continent forced to play 200 ping plus. No way they could want comradeship or specific answers to questions.

Love the whole omg, someone's stealing a tiny bit of the webpage and therefore deserves a personal vendetta thread. Cant pay people to come up with that sort of childishness.

/palms face
Tissues pls,
Well this is just silly isn't it? Who cares if we have a forum? Fact is we do, and ANZ folk like to chat about D3 with other people from our region, we like to run our own groups and our own trades and what not. Blizzard decided that hey it's no big thing, lets give the ANZ community a forum of their own where they can do their own thing in their own time with their own people.

Rowie, you seem upset about this, fair enough. However change does not come from 1 persons personal agenda and at this moment I'm afraid your outnumbered by those of us who like having our own forum. The only way this is likely to change is if you climb the corporate ladder, become a CEO of Blizzard and get rid of this section yourself.

While your at it lower the cost of Diablo 3 for us, both in shops and the digital download to the price the rest of the world pays. Cheerz.

oh and if you could bank roll a private ANZ server for us that would be great too... um i would also like to see some interesting pvp coming in the next little while and I'm very excited about the expansion pack so if you could speed up production there as well that would be great thaaanks, I also noticed you've been having some problems with your TPS reports, did you get the memo?

Also pull out your jump to conclusions mat and see what other conclusions you can jump too.

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