75 m for dh set or advise on one

Demon Hunter
looking to upgrade my gear please help
i would get a weapon and possibly a quiver. lol
Wanna gave a good starting point? Here:
nice Black damage 2h xbow rare, 1350+dps with 75+ cd and open socket
that will run about 15-20mill

dead man's legacy with 10cc, whatever skill you want, some may be cheaper, probably only 5-10m

nats boots +cheap nats embrace, about 10m for a decent set of these
innas temperance and Favor, belt should have 8% holy dmg and 8-10% life, probably between 20-25m for this pair.

vile ward shoulders, with 8%+life, probably no more than 8-10m.

you're at about 65m here for gloves, jewelery, and helm left. You can prob find a rare helm with dex, but, and %life for 2m or less...

jewelery try for cc, cd, and dex, you can probably get some 4% cc rings cheaply...

gloves are where you might wanna stretch this budget. Ideally you want trifecta, but to start go with dex, bit, CC CD gloves OR DEX AR CC CD gloves...

let me know how this pans out. Gems are separate, but you seem to likely have a sugar daddy toon somewhere to help you with this.
I forgot bracers, cheap 150dex Strongarms would be good, tons of armor there
Here is my suggestion.

Manticore for weapon - Budget 10-15m
Look for these stats:

Dex Roll +150
CD Damage 75+
1 Open socket


1000-1100 Damage
Dex Roll 150+
CD Damage 75+
2 Open Sockets

Dead Man's legacy for the Quiver - Budget 10m

Try to find one like this

170+ Dex
170+ Vitality
+ Max Decipline
9.0+ Crit Chance
17%+ Attack Speed

(If you cannot find an affordable + Max Dicippline DML, just buy one with highest Dex and vitality roll for that budget, that will be fine too)

Nat's Boots - Budget 10m

Highest dex you can buy, to get 7%+ crit with your chest
(if you can get vitality on them, go for it)

Inna Pants and Belt - 10m Each

Get both with vitality, sacrifice a little bit of dex for this

THE LAST 20M - (This can be split different depending on what you bought and have)

1. If you bought 2 open socket manticore, and have no gems, spend buy x2 90% Crit damage gems to put in it. Spend remaining money on Dex/Vitality/Crit damage/High Crit Chance Amulet

2. If you bought 1 open secket Manticore, and have no gems, but 1 90% crit damage gem, buy Dex/Vitality/Crit damage/High Crit Chance Amulet, and similar gloves with higher crit chance.

I hope this helps :-)
ty all

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